How To Seem Less Intimidating To Guys I Meet Or Talk To?

Why exactly do you believe you are intimidating to guys, and what has led you to this opinion?

How To Seem Less Intimidating To Guys I Meet Or Talk To?Is it something that you believe is due to your attitude, physicality or both?

You do have to figure out which one you think it is before we fix this problem.

Let’s assume that you believe that guys are intimidated by your attitude.

You believe that you are too brazen or standoffish.

Ask yourself about what you do when guys are attempting to have a conversation with you.

Being too brazen calls for finding a middle ground.

Let the guy tell you about himself.

Give him the opportunity to talk and express his opinions.

Whenever you are in this position with a guy, keep reminding yourself to be patient and hear him out.

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Yes, that means you pay attention to him and stay quiet.

You interject from time to time with follow-up questions but you still let him continue expressing himself.

The more you do this, the less intimidating and brazen you are.

As long as you keep catching yourself whenever you feel like you are about to slip and you let him continue, you acquire patience.

This calms you down.

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The more you learn about him, the more you follow up.

Following up with open-ended questions gives him the impression that you not only respect him but you care about what he has to say.

Listen to him.

Too many a time, a girl loses herself in conversation and focuses on talking about herself ad nauseum.

The guy sits there listening to you ramble on and he is intimidated.

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He speculates about whether you are solely capable of caring for one person and one person only, yourself.

Remedy a standoffish nature through making eye contact with guys and smiling more often.

That is it.

Rarely making eye contact with guys nor smiling is intimidating.

You are constantly staring at your phone and only looking up from time to time with a scowl on your face.

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Some guys see this as intimidating.

A guy who has seen you and wants nothing more but to talk to you but every time he looks in your direction you are either frowning, keeping your head down or seemingly “too busy,” interprets that as a girl who doesn’t want to be bothered and that is intimidating.

To avoid all that, practice eye contact and smiling.

Do it today.

When you head out for your day, be more present to your environment.

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Make eye contact with guys that take the time to look at you, smile briefly and continue on.

In coming across a guy you are attracted to, dwell for a little bit longer to show romantic interest.

Practice making more eye contact frequently with people and the world at large.

Whether you make eye contact with a grandma, a post office worker or a cat, smile and be happy.

The more you practice this on a day to day basis, the easier it is to do this more often when you are around guys.

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Believing that you are intimidating to guys based on your physicality is fixable, as long as you are prepared to do the work.

Are you overweight?


You don’t have to become the most lean model in the world or even have to lose that much weight.

Initiate working on changing your body and the mind follows.

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Once the positive effects of your daily exercise routines take effect, you are loving yourself more.

Guys spot this and feel inclined to be around someone who is so positive and glowing.

At this circumstance, regardless of your size, you aren’t intimidating at all.

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