Who Pays For The Date?

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Who Pays For The Date?

When a guy asks a girl out on a first date, the girl expects the guy to pay for the date.

Regardless of whether she makes an attempt to pay for the date, she wants you to pay for it.

The attempt was an act.

Did you ask her out on a first date?

In this case, just pay for the date.

It keeps things simple and it does make sense since you were the one who asked her out.

Now, you do need to understand something.

This doesn’t mean that you have to pay for every date.

A girl who pays on a later date is a quality girl.

This is the girl who has a lot of respect for you and is showing that she isn’t exploiting you.

A girl who likes you won’t be comfortable letting you pay for every date.

She is going to insist on paying for a date in short order.

Dating works best when there is a fair give and take.

It doesn’t have to be 50/50, especially in the early stages, but it needs to have some degree of give and take.

Never believe that you are obligated to pay for every date.

Paying for every date without her paying for any or at least offering to, plunges you into a rabbit hole that isn’t healthy.

She isn’t risking anything financially besides her makeup and outfits.

Some guys are misguided in thinking that paying for every single date scores points with the girl.

It doesn’t.

A girl who gives nothing back isn’t investing in the courtship, which means the free meals and drinks are doing nothing to win her favor.

Not every girl has the right intentions.

Yes, some take advantage of you, when you permit it.

Be smart when you go out on dates with girls.

Date a quality girl who doesn’t use you for dates.

A quality girl doesn’t leave you to pay for date after date.

A quality girl doesn’t keep teasing you with her words, hoping that you keep taking her out while giving you nothing back in return.

Many guys fall into this trap, wanting so badly to impress the girl and have her like him.

Don’t be misled into believing that paying for every date is the measure of a gentleman.

This isn’t true.

Maintaining your dignity matters, as it’s what makes you who you are and a part of what makes you worth dating.

Don’t be taken advantage of because you want to impress a girl and be a so-called “gentleman.”

For dating to work, there has to be a give and take.

A quality girl who has genuine interest in you, invites you to do something with her and pays for it within a handful of dates.

This is when you know she has substance and isn’t using you for free meals and drinks.

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