Where Is The Best Place For A First Date?

Where Is The Best Place For A First Date?

The best place for a first date is where the both of you feel the most comfortable.

Making this choice depends on how well you know this person.

Be careful not to make assumptions of what you believe this person likes.

In the case you barely know this person at this point in time, choose something neutral and safe.

Meeting for coffee, juice, frozen yogurt or a smoothie for example is safe.

Since you both don’t really know each other, this is a simpler approach.

When already familiar or acquainted with each other, do a little more with your first date.

A comfort level already exists, permitting an activity that is a little bit more adventurous.

In conversations together, there has been a revelation of a mutual love for hiking.

You now have a first date idea, hiking.

Plan out a day to do it and go for it.

Remember, riskier dates work best when you know the person.

Suggesting a hike for a first date when your date doesn’t know you has a capacity to cause discomfort.

Your date doesn’t feel comfortable doing something like a hike with you when they barely know you enough to trust you.

This goes for other riskier first dates that call for a lot of alone time with the person, such as biking, camping, dinner or movie at home, going on a drive, etc.

The best place for that first date is best decided based on your familiarity with the person.

Tailor what you do and where you go on those parameters.

As aforementioned, going on a coffee, juice, frozen yogurt or smoothie date, when you are unfamiliar with the person is the safest route to endeavor, but, it doesn’t hurt to spice it up a little.

Be a little unconventional.

For instance, suggest checking out a social event going on in town.

An art or science gallery recently arrived in town, a new business is having an opening day or an outdoor fair or festival is happening soon.

By suggesting something out of the norm, you give your date the impression that you are adventurous without taking it too far this early on.

That’s attractive.

Besides the date, an added benefit is how this suggestion encourages the both of you to experience more of what is going on in your town.

While at the social event, the both of you accidentally come upon a special place in town that you didn’t know existed.

Wondering through an art or science gallery, outdoor festival or new business opening, you spot a place nearby that rents out bicycles and there is an adjacent bike trail.

You both spot this just in passing and comment on how you never knew that there was a place where bicycles are rented in town, silently realizing that renting bikes for a second date is a great idea.

Discovering something new together is a rewarding experience.

It makes your first date that much more memorable and already gives the both of you an idea for a second date when relevant.

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