How Should A Guy Act To Keep Her Attention After A First Date?

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How Should A Guy Act To Keep Her Attention After A First Date?

Communicating is a good start.

A lot of guys make the mistake of not communicating consistently after a first date.

They have this false idea that by keeping communication very minimal, the girl will like them even more.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

When they do this, they tend to forget one very important thing.

Girls are naturally social creatures.

They love to communicate and interact.

They like the sense of connection they feel when they are interacting with others.

This is why women tend to dominate social media usage from Facebook to Twitter and beyond.

Women are naturally social creatures that love social interaction.

When you choose to not communicate after a first date on a consistent basis, you would give the girl the impression that you weren’t really into her.

You may think that she would think about you more because you are just not communicating with her the way she would want to.

Sure, she may think about you more.

However, this doesn’t last.

A lot of guys take this too far.

They communicate so little that the initial intrigue and interest the girl may have had for them simply dissipates shortly after.

Unfortunately, by the time these guys come to their senses and try to contact the girl for some conversation or a second date, the girl is no longer interested and has moved on.

Therefore, if you want to keep her attention after a first date, ensure that you communicate with her.

You don’t have to overdo it.

You shouldn’t call her every hour on the hour.

If anything, you should avoid overdoing it because it may be too much and you may appear to be too needy in her eyes.

Remember that she is still in the process of getting to know you.

She hasn’t reached the level of comfort with you that would warrant a constant barrage of phone calls and texts.

You should simply maintain a good modicum of communication and continue trying to get to know her.

This will make her feel like you are truly interested and this is very encouraging to her.

Girls love the sense that they are being pursued and that a guy is really putting out the effort to get to know them.

It makes them feel special.

Also, to keep her attention after the first date, ensure that you keep letting her know what makes her special in your eyes.

In other words, do give her compliments.

However, give her compliments that relate to what you have been learning about her as opposed to compliments that are primarily focused on her physical beauty.

If you learned that she volunteers her time at the local animal shelter, compliment her on that and ask her about the reasoning behind her motivation.

When you pinpoint certain character traits that define who she is and compliment her on it, you make her feel unique.

She will get the uplifting sense of being the only woman in your world.

Lastly, to keep her attention after the first date, ask her for a second in very short order.

Do not wait weeks before you ask her out again.

There are guys who do this thinking that by keeping the girl waiting, she will desire them even more and will be so hungry for that second date.

Don’t be that guy.

If you wait too long between dates, she will start to believe that you are either a player or you aren’t truly interested.

This would make her dismiss you. Hence, do ask her out for a second date soon.

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