Is It Okay For Guys When A Girl Has A Small Belly?

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Is It Okay For Guys When A Girl Has A Small Belly?

A small belly is okay with guys.

You are your own worst enemy when punishing yourself with such an overly self-critical mindset.

Guys exude the general impression that they want the perfect girl with the perfect body, but in the end, they want to be loved by someone that they find attractive enough, as long as her flaws aren’t too pronounced.

A small belly isn’t a pronounced flaw.

Are there going to be guys who find that unappealing?

Of course.

There are guys who find the slightest imperfection unappealing.

Why want such a guy?

It is better that he goes on and finds his Miss Perfect.

There is no satisfying guys like this.

They invariably find something wrong on the girl, when she is seemingly perfect, to have something to complain about.

Pass on this guy.

Now, the problem here is not so much that you have a small belly, it’s that you are insecure about it.

This is what make guys more turned off by you than your small belly.

Guys love girls who love themselves and are comfortable with themselves.

They want to see that she is confident and loves what she has to offer, thinking of herself highly and showing pride.

Your visual discomfort is what turns them off, as they don’t know that it is your small belly that is the issue.

They haven’t noticed your small belly.

Their first impression of you was that you were unhappy and anxious.

This is what they observed first and foremost.

Your negative attitude is what they picked up on and not the small belly that you are so insecure about.

This is what pushes them away and not your small belly.

Experiences with guys in your past who didn’t show interest in you and attributing that to your small belly is not accurate.

Are you smiling when you are around guys?

Do you talk to them?

Are you approachable, thanks to keeping your head up and making eye contact?

Insecurity about your body is negative body language.

When you don’t smile, guys interpret that as a sign that you are disinterested.

When you avoid eye contact, guys interpret that as a sign that you don’t want to be bothered.

You are doing all these things and not aware of it.

You have negative body language when you are around guys.

The negative body language is more likely what guys are responding to and not your small belly.

Conduct a experiment today.

When you are in an area that has guys, smile and make eye contact with them.

Remember to do this often.

Something unexpected happens.

The guys smile back at you and some approach.

Surprise, surprise.

Your small belly was never the issue.

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