How Important Is Weight When It Comes To Relationships?

How Important Is Weight When It Comes To Relationships?

Weight is important to most people.

Most people want to be with someone who typically falls somewhere in the middle.

The middle is really where the slight differences set in depending on each unique individual’s preferences.

A girl would typically prefer a guy who is not too skinny or overweight, nor overly muscular.

She would prefer a guy who weighed more than her but more so because of his taller height than his girth.

Now, she may entertain being with a guy who has some extra fat on him.

However, she would prefer that most of that weight come from his taller height than the width of his belly.

A guy on the other hand would look at a girl who was too thin with a lack of definition to her body as perhaps a little lacking.

Her lack of weight may be a turn off.

For him, a girl who was more evenly proportioned or even voluptuous would be more appealing.

If the majority of her weight is around areas that he finds attractive on her, he would be drawn to her.

To him, this kind of girl is his middle.

This is what he tends to prefer.

This is why it can get tricky when you are trying to figure out what is a guy’s or a girl’s middle.

However, in most cases, both guys and girls would prefer someone who wasn’t too skinny or too overweight.

This can change once two people have been together in a relationship for a while.

If they have been together long enough, a partner or both will often gain weight.

This may not be attractive to her but she may be willing to tolerate it because she has been with him for a while and there are other facets to their relationship that she treasures and may even put above his physical appearance.

This is typically where most people would let go of their preferences.

Whereas, she would never have entertained the idea of dating him at his current bigger weight if she had just met him today, now that she has been in a relationship with him for years, she may let it go.

Sure, she wants him to shape up but she still loves him and finds value in him in other ways.

This is often why you will notice some overweight or all out fat couples.

They didn’t necessarily start their relationship at those weights.

However, there is a sense of complacency that comes with being in a long-term relationship.

There is a sense of not having to keep trying to impress so much because you have already won the prize.

This is when the weight can start kicking in over time.

In conclusion, weight tends to be very important to relationships in the beginning.

Thereby, maintaining a healthy middle is your best bet.

However, over time in a relationship, weight tends not to matter as much.


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