I Started A Relationship With Sex. Can It Progress To Something More Emotional?

There is a probability that a relationship that started with sex can progress to something more emotional.

I Started A Relationship With Sex. Can It Progress To Something More Emotional?It depends on what you are mutually ready for and prepared to do.

Taking the time to get to know each other whenever you meet increases the likelihood this progresses to something more emotional.

Solely focusing on having sex when you meet lessens the hopes that something more emotional develops out of this.

You need to assess the relationship you have with this person.

Do both of you talk?

I mean, real talk, not facetious talk.

The talk that is aimed towards learning about each other.

Does this person know your favorite color or habits?

Do they know much about you at all?

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Have you noticed that they remember little minor details about you?

Have they tried doing meaningful activities with you outside of having sex?

Something as mundane as going to the park and having a picnic?

To sum it up, do the both of you actively hang out, besides the obvious?

Having conversations a majority of the time that go nowhere, followed up with sex, hampers the potential to build something emotional.

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How do you feel about this person?

Do you want to learn about them?

Do you find yourself thinking about this person often?

Assess your emotions for a moment.

Now, ask yourself about whether the other person thinks and feels likewise.

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There is a good chance that the answer is a negative or you are not sure.

These are your instincts informing you that this relationship isn’t headed in the direction that you now want it to.

Starting this relationship without much interest in something more, you never thought of ending up here.

Your instincts are telling you that you are now on another level emotionally and it is not all about sex anymore.

You have reached a crossroads.

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Make a decisive move now before taking this any further.

The move is to communicate with purpose, telling this person exactly how you feel right now.

Yes, I know, it’s scary.

Not doing this now, at a moment that you are at a crossroads, leaves the relationship directionless.

Your emotions and feelings for this person grow.

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Without decisive action, you are a mess of emotions, as this person is simply not returning your affection.

The relationship isn’t going beyond what you want it to.

The person isn’t aware that you are going through this, as you never told them about how you felt.

A status quo was maintained.

They thought this is what you wanted.

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Unbeknownst to you, their openness to having a relationship that is beyond sex isn’t out of the question, but in not knowing that this is something you want, they do nothing.

To avoid this pain, be frank with this person about wanting more out of this relationship than sex.

Find out whether you both want the same outcome.

The sooner you do this, the better.

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