Do People Become A Little Critical And Lose Emotion Once Someone Likes Them Back?

It is not unusual to lose the butterflies for someone once you discern that the person is returning your advances.

Do People Become A Little Critical And Lose Emotion Once Someone Likes Them Back?They are interested and now want to pursue something with you, but you are abruptly less inclined.

What happened?

You were so interested in this person initially.

Human nature is curious.

We are excited about someone when they aren’t showing us as much interest.

We are mystified by this person.

Consumed with thoughts about what this person is like, we fill in the blanks in our minds.

Naturally, we fill those blanks with images and perceptions that makes us feel good, triggering a release of dopamine in our brain which facilitates pleasure.

The excitement you have for this human being is palpable.

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Such mystery.

Once this person shows interest in you, that air of mystery about this person wanes.

They are no longer the unknown.

They are known.

There is something indubitably predictable and boring about the known.

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You have seen it before.

There was a person in your past who gushed over you and gave you a lot of attention.

In their eyes, you did no wrong.

It didn’t take long before you were turned off, smothered by their attention.

The mystery and unknown wasn’t present anymore.

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This person didn’t have a life once they fell for you.

You were their life.

That wasn’t going to cut it anymore.

Now, here is this new person in your life that is showing the same traits.

This is familiar to you and suddenly, this person who seemed so mysterious and different is similar to guys from your past.

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The experience is no longer new, it is familiar and somewhat uninteresting.

What turns you on is being kept on your toes with excitement.

A guy that has you crazy debating whether he knows you exist or looked at you the other day when you walked past him.

Unfortunately, you are now aware he likes you back and it’s shattered the mystery.

With the uncertainty gone, now replaced with someone who is returning the same emotion to you, you become critical of them, as they are confirming they are like everyone else.

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It’s mundane.

The emotion stirred by wanton fantasies created in your mind about what he is like as a person has tapered off.

Having learned his story, from his own mouth, the book is read and there is no mystery left.

The cat is out of the hat and the thrill is gone.

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