Do Muscles Compensate The Disadvantage Of Being a Short Man With Girls?

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Do Muscles Compensate The Disadvantage Of Being a Short Man With Girls?

Muscles do not compensate the disadvantage of being a short man with girls.

If anything, muscles could exacerbate the problem.

Don’t get the notion that girls are so into muscles.

Yes, some are.

However, the majority prefer a guy who is of average build and physically fit.

Some women do find men with more muscle than the norm to be intimidating.

If she is intimidated by you, you have already made it difficult for her to consider you as a possible suitor right from the beginning.

Also, a woman seeing a man full of muscles may judge him as conceited.

She may get the impression that he spends more time in the gym than is necessary.

When she senses this, it may make her turned off by him and she may wonder if he would afford her any time if they were to date.

If you were a short man who had muscles and worked on them furiously, the girl would be able to tell that you are trying to make up for something.

This in itself can be a turn off to her because she will get the sense that you aren’t comfortable with yourself.

This tends to indicate a lack of confidence on your part.

Girls are attracted to guys with confidence.

If she gets the sense that you don’t have confidence, it would be even harder for you to get her, no matter how big your muscles are.

You do need to understand that the disadvantage you have as a short man can be compensated for by working on your personality and confidence.

This is the best way to go about overcoming it.

There are many short guys who have been successful in dating women when they have shown those women their dynamic personalities and confidence.

This is where you can really move forward.

When you first and foremost accept the fact that you are short but you don’t allow it to dictate how you go about living your life, you are starting right.

This leads to you being able to go out there and pursue your interests.

You are able to have fun and be gregarious.

You allow yourself to go to new places and partake in new activities.

When you do this, you are building personality and confidence.

Girls will see you in these environments and take note.

This is where you begin to succeed.

The more girls notice you doing your own thing and really owning your life, the more they may be drawn to you.

They may be drawn to the excitement that is your life.

Girls love to feel a sense of excitement.

They love it when they don’t quite know what to expect with a guy but they do know that the guy is fun and may show them a good time.

When they start getting to know you in these environments, it will be a lot easier for them to start getting a general impression of what your personality is like.

These are the moments where your fun and gregarious personality may make them want to get to know more about you.

This is where you get to become something more than just a physical presence.

You essentially begin to intrigue them.

Before you know it, they may be trying to get you to take them out on a date through flirting with you.

At this point, you have a chance with them.

You may be able to finally get that girlfriend that you so badly want.

What did it all take to get here?

It wasn’t muscles.

It was building an exciting and event-filled life about yourself.

By so doing, you drew people to you like moths to a flame.

Now that they are around you, they get to experience your persona.

The more they are around that, the more they may want to get to know you and possibly date you.

No massive muscles required.

This is how you should go about compensating your disadvantage.

Becoming obsessed with building muscles will only make you more insecure.

Muscles cannot compensate for personality.

You should always work on different areas to your person.

That may mean working on your muscles but it also means working on your personality and your social acumen.

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