Do Muscles Compensate The Disadvantage Of Being a Short Man With Girls?

Muscles do not compensate the disadvantage of being a short man with girls, and it isn’t that close at all.

Do Muscles Compensate The Disadvantage Of Being a Short Man With Girls?On the contrary, muscles exacerbate, when overdone.

Don’t get the notion that girls are so into muscles.

Yes, some are.

But the majority prefer a guy who is of average build and physically fit.

Some women find men with heavier muscle than the norm to be intimidating.

When she is intimidated by you, you have already made it difficult for her to consider you as a suitor right from the outset.

Some women judge heavy muscles as a sign of conceit in a man.

She has the impression that he spends more time in the gym than needed.

When she senses this, she is turned off, worrying about how little he prioritizes his dating life.

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A short man who has muscles and works on them furiously is a man making up for something, in her mind.

This in itself is a turn off to her, giving her the sense that you aren’t comfortable with yourself.

This implies a lack of confidence on your part.

Girls are attracted to guys with confidence.

When she has the sense that you don’t have confidence, it is harder for you to interest her, no matter how big your muscles are.

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Realize that the disadvantage you have as a short man is compensated by working on your personality and confidence.

There are many short guys who have been successful in dating women when they have shown those women their dynamic personalities and confidence.

Don’t let your height dictate your love life.

This acceptance, frees your mind, releasing your insecurities, encouraging you to venture out there to new places and pursue your interests, having fun and being gregarious as you do.

When you do this, you are building personality and confidence.

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Girls spot you in these environments and take note.

Success follows.

Doing your own thing, owning your life, elicits a sense of independence that attracts women to you.

They are drawn to the excitement that is your life.

Girls love experiencing a sense of excitement in men.

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They love it when they don’t know what to expect from a guy, but know that the guy is fun.

When they are acquainted with you in these environments, a general impression of your personality is attained.

These are the moments where your fun and gregarious personality intrigues them, encouraging them to learn further.

This is where you you go beyond a mere physical presence.

Before you know it, they are flirting with you, egging you to take them out on a date.

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At this point, you have a shot with them.

You finally get that girlfriend that you so badly want.

What did it all take to get here?

It wasn’t muscles.

It was building an exciting and event-filled life about yourself.

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By so doing, you drew people to you like moths to a flame.

Now that they are around you, they experience your persona, seduced into wanting to date you by your character.

No massive muscles required.

This is how you go about compensating your disadvantage.

An obsession with building muscles breeds insecurity.

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Muscles don’t compensate for personality.

Nothing wrong with working out and building your body, but not at the expense of personality and social acumen.

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