Do Girls Ever Forget To Text Guys Back?

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Do Girls Ever Forget To Text Guys Back?

Not if they are interested in the guy.

A girl would not forget to text a guy when she truly likes him.

If anything, she will find it really hard to stop herself from texting him constantly throughout the day.

If you are in a situation where a girl has either told you that she forgot to text you back or you are in the process of waiting, she isn’t truly interested in you.

You have to use a girl’s actions to help you judge how she truly feels about you.

Now, there are times when she may have gotten busy with something and simply couldn’t get back with you at an appropriate time.

However, this is rare and unlikely.

It is even more unlikely if you have now been waiting for several hours or even days.

You have to understand that there are certain non-verbal cues that girls send guys when they are not truly interested in them.

One of those non-verbal cues is a lack of continuous and consistent communication.

If you repeatedly find yourself waiting for her to text you back for hours or days, she is not interested in you.

You are essentially not that important on her priority list.

There are girls who will do this simply to boost their ego.

When they know that they have a guy who is this into them, they may lead that guy on just so that they feel good about themselves.

Other girls who do this may have some level of interest but it simply isn’t strong enough.

They may believe that you are attractive but there is something missing.

However, they are not quite ready to let you go, so they get back with you, albeit late.

Some other girls will delay getting back with you because they simply have too much going on in their lives.

Doesn’t always mean that they are with other guys though.

They may simply have other things that they love doing preoccupying their time.

They figure that once they are done with those activities and have a few moments to spare, they’ll get back to you.

Again, this does show that you are very low on her priority list.

If a girl is forgetting to text you back, you are not constantly in her thoughts.

One of the surest signs of true interest from a girl is when she thinks about you constantly.

When she is with her friends, she thinks of you.

When she is at work, she thinks of you. When she is running errands, she thinks of you.

When she is having a meal, she wonders what it would be like to have you eating with her at that very moment.

A girl would not forget to text back a guy of whom she thinks about in this manner.

You may really like this girl and want more than anything for her to text you back. However, there is only so much you can do.

If she doesn’t feel the same way about you as you do her, that is her prerogative.

You can’t force her to feel something for you that she doesn’t.

Hence, if you have noticed her forgetting to text you back, she is sending you the signal that she lacks true interest in you.

Thereby, you should let her go and move on.

If you don’t, you may keep waiting for a good long while and even if she were to somehow send you a text at some point in the relatively distant future, it may simply be because she is bored.

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