If a 32 Yr Old Woman Dates a 24 Yr Old Guy…Is This Weird?

If a 32 Yr Old Woman Dates a 24 Yr Old Guy...Is This Weird?

It’s only weird if you permit it.

As a 32 yr old woman dating a 24 yr old guy, how you look at the relationship determines how you feel.

When you are worried about what your friends, family and society as a whole thinks, biting your knuckles about their impending judgment, thinking it weird follows.

Remember that you are not dating your friends, family or society.

You are dating this 24 yr old guy.

How does he make you feel when the both of you are alone?

Do you feel good?

Do you feel like the both of you have a lot of chemistry?

Ask yourself about what matters.

Does how good you feel inside take precedence over the impression you give to your friends, family and society?

At the end of the day, you need to do what makes you happy as a person.

When this 24 yr old guy makes you happy, where is the weirdness?

Do you believe that being in a relationship with a guy your age, when there is no chemistry, is the solution?

This is a ticket to misery.

I don’t know about you, but having to choose, I prefer weirdness over misery.

When you are seduced into this so-called weirdness as far as a relationship with this 24 yr old, what exactly are you using as a reference?

Do you have any real life examples of relationships such as this in your life experience?

In other words, do you know anyone who has been in the same situation?

Without a point of reference, there is nothing to prove your doubts, save for your perceptions of how you are judged by others.

It is understandable to be worried about this.

As human beings, we want to be accepted and seen as part of the crowd.

Look into the future for a moment.

By conforming to what you believe is expected of you and dumping this 24 yr old guy, are you picturing yourself being happy?

This 24 yr old is stuck in your mind and you question whether you made the right decision.

You catch yourself checking out his social media from time to time or snooping around the place he works to be around his aura again.

You miss him.

By the time you realize that you made a mistake, it is too late.

He has moved on.

Consider all of the angles before you count this relationship as weird.

You have no real point of reference to make that claim and no real reason to let this relationship go.

Follow your heart and your brain, not your fears.

Your heart cares about this guy.

Your brain knows that capitulating to your fears by ditching him condemns you to a future of regret.

Isn’t so weird now, is it?


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