If a 32 Yr Old Woman Dates a 24 Yr Old Guy…Is This Weird?

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If a 32 Yr Old Woman Dates a 24 Yr Old Guy...Is This Weird?

It’s only weird if you feel so.

As a 32 yr old woman dating a 24 yr old guy, the way you look at the relationship will determine how you feel.

If you are worried about what your friends, family and society as a whole will think, you may consider it weird.

However, you do need to remember that you are not dating your friends, family or society as a whole.

You are dating this 24 yr old guy.

How does he make you feel when the both of you are alone?

Do you feel good?

Do you feel like the both of you have a lot of chemistry?

If this is the case, you may have to ask yourself about what is more important.

Is how you feel inside more important than the impression you give to your friends, family and society?

At the end of the day, you really need to do what makes you happy as a person.

If this 24 yr old guy makes you happy, what could be so weird about your relationship?

What would you rather do?

Would you rather be in a relationship with a guy your age even if there is no real chemistry just so that you don’t feel weird?

You wouldn’t be happy doing this in anyway.

You will continue thinking about the 24 yr old and wonder if you made the right decision.

If you think that dating this 24 yr old may be weird, you should also consider your state of reference.

What exactly are you referring this relationship to?

Do you have any real examples of relationships such as this in life?

In other words, do you know anyone who has been in the same situation?

If you don’t, you don’t really have a point of reference to mark this relationship as weird.

You only have your perceptions of how you will be judged.

It is understandable to be worried about this.

As human beings, we want to be accepted and seen as part of the crowd. However, you do need to take a long hard look into the future.

If you were to conform to what you believe is expected of you and drop this 24 yr old guy, can you honestly see yourself being happy?

There may always be that part of you that wonders if you made the right decision.

You may catch yourself checking out his Facebook from time to time or even snooping around the place he works just to get a feel for him again.

You would begin to miss him.

By the time you realize that you made a mistake, it may be too late.

He may have moved on.

Hence, you do need to consider all of the angles before you simply count this relationship as weird.

Again, you have no real point of reference to make that claim.

Hence, you have no real reason to let this relationship go.

The decision is yours to make.

If this is something that bothers you to the point that it is actually affecting your interaction with him, perhaps you should let him go.

But, you do have to understand that your best route of action may be to follow your heart.

Your heart cares about this guy and wants more.

If you allow that to lead the way you may get to a point where it no longer feels weird.

You both would be so connected that you could care less what the world thinks of this relationship.

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