Girls, Would You Ever Date A Guy Much Shorter Than You?

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Girls, Would You Ever Date A Guy Much Shorter Than You?Most girls prefer dating guys who are taller then them.

However, this doesn’t mean that she wouldn’t entertain the idea of dating a guy much shorter than her if he were able to make her feel good and mentally stimulated.

Your personality becomes very important. You should always be willing to show it and do so in abundance.

Don’t be afraid to show off what makes you so dynamic and unique.

If you are naturally a funny guy, show that off.

Make people laugh around you.

Make her laugh.

Show this quality in abundance and often.

If you are a worldly guy, show that.

Talk about the travels you have had and the adventures you have gone on.

Tell specific stories.

Show artifacts that you have taken from your adventures.

This is very exciting to girls.

They love being around a person that has had a lot of fun and interesting life experiences.

She would be curious about your adventures.

She may want to become a part of them.

If you are good at playing music, show that.

Perform in front of your friends and strangers.

Perform in front of her.

Show her that skill and gift that you have.

If she is the kind of girl that loves music, she may become drawn to you and want to get to know you more as a result.

If you are a smart guy who is good at math or science, show it off.

Start your own math or science group.

Be the leader of that group and encourage your friends and acquaintances to join.

When a girl notices this passion that you have and your intelligence, she may be drawn to you just because of that.

She doesn’t even have to necessarily like math or science.

Being the organizer of this group is important.

It puts you in a leadership position.

In fact, putting yourself in any kind of leadership position is a huge attention grabber for women.

Women are very attracted to men who lead.

If you have any kind of leadership qualities, you should show them off.

You could become that leader at your job, at school, with your hobbies etc.

If you have these unique qualities, now is the time to show them and not keep them to yourself or a small circle of friends.

These are just some of the ways you can get girls to overlook the fact that you are much shorter than them.

You use the unique qualities that you already have and you show them off.

You don’t keep them to yourself, you show the world.

This is what separates you from other guys.

This is what makes you unique.

This is how your personality can attract her to the point that she feels good and mentally stimulated.

When you get a girl to feel so good around you, you will have the best chance at getting her to show romantic interest.

Just be yourself.

Be confident in who you are and don’t be afraid to show that personality off.

This is how you overcome the height issue and easily get girls.

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