I Have A Crush On A Girl, I Think She Doesn’t Like Me, What Should I Do?

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I Have A Crush On A Girl, I Think She Doesn't Like Me, What Should I Do?

If you have a crush on a girl and you think she doesn’t like you, the first thing you should do is stop making assumptions.

It is easy to make assumptions.

It is typically done out of fear.

This doesn’t help you.

You cannot assume that your crush doesn’t like you until you have interacted with her.

Again, fear is what tends to lead to these assumptions based on the belief that you may not be good enough for this particular person.

Hence, what you need to do is start a conversation with her.

Yes, you will need to start talking to her.

The more you talk to her, the more comfortable she will be around you.

You have to put out the effort to genuinely try to get to know her.

If your conversation is very lackluster and does nothing to get to know her better as a person, she may lose interest in having these conversations.

Your goal and intention should be clear to you from the start.

You want to have her get a sense of your personality.

If you have certain characteristics that you love about yourself and most people seem to respond to them in a positive way, you should show them off.

If you have a sense of humor for example, make her laugh.

If you are smart, tell her something intriguing.

If you are sporty, let her know about the sports activities you engage in.

Be open and honest about this.

The objective here is to build a sense of safety and comfort with her so that she allows herself to open up to you more and more.

As the both of you continue to communicate, you will begin to notice certain nuances in her body language that may or may not indicate that she is interested in you romantically.

It is important to be observant and look for these.

You really need to be cognizant of this.

If you notice that she tends to smile at you a lot or even touch you often as the both of you converse, these are very strong signs that she likes you romantically.

Just try not to make assumptions.

Beginning the process of getting to know her and her getting to know you is your best course of action.

Only after you have done this and observed her interaction with you can you definitively say whether she likes you or not.

Hence, observation is crucial.

Making assumptions in your mind without taking proper action would only put you at a disadvantage.

You would live to regret this, so do avoid making assumptions as much as possible.

Assumptions can put you at a great disadvantage.

When you are already making a prejudgment without actually working toward getting true evidence, you will be able to convince yourself of anything that may or may not be real.

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