I Have A Crush On A Girl, I Think She Doesn’t Like Me, What Should I Do?

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I Have A Crush On A Girl, I Think She Doesn't Like Me, What Should I Do?

When you have a crush on a girl, believing that she doesn’t like you is an assumption, and assumptions are bad.

It is easy to make assumptions.

It is typically done out of fear.

This doesn’t help you.

Don’t assume that your crush doesn’t like you until you have talked to her.

Fear is what leads to these assumptions based on the belief that you aren’t good enough for this particular person.

What you need to do is initiate a conversation with her.

Yes, you need to talk to her.

The more you talk to her, the more comfortable she is around you.

Put out the effort to genuinely get to know her.

A lackluster conversation that does nothing in getting to know her better as a person forces her to lose interest in having these conversations.

Your goal and intention is clear to you.

You want to have her get a sense of your personality.

Show off characteristics that you love about yourself that most people seem to respond to positively.

Having a sense of humor warrants making her laugh.

A smart brain gives you an opportunity to tell her something intriguing.

A sporty lifestyle makes her privy to the sports activities you participate in.

Through it all, cultivate sincerity and integrity.

The objective here is to build a sense of safety and comfort with her so that she opens up to you more and more.

As the both of you continue to communicate, you notice certain nuances in her body language that indicate whether she is interested in you romantically or not.

Be observant and look for these.

Noticing that she smiles at you a lot or touches you often as the both of you converse, are strong signs that she likes you romantically.

Beginning the process of getting to know her and her getting to know you is your best course of action.

Only after you have done this and observed her behavior, do you know whether she likes you or not.

Observation is key.

Making assumptions in your mind without taking proper action puts you at a disadvantage and you live to regret it.

Avoid making assumptions.

When you are already making a prejudgment without actually working towards getting true evidence, you convince yourself of anything that is or isn’t real.

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