My Trust Issues Are Affecting My Relationship With My Boyfriend. How Do I Stop This From Happening?

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My Trust Issues Are Affecting My Relationship With My Boyfriend. How Do I Stop This From Happening?Your trust issues may stem from something that has consistently happened in past relationships, something that consistently happens in your current relationship or something that happened from your childhood.

In order to avoid these trust issues from affecting your relationship with your boyfriend, you have to figure out where they are coming from.

This is the first and most important task that you need to perform.

You really have to spend some quality time with yourself to figure out where these trust issues come from.

If they are coming from something that has consistently happened in your past relationships, figure out what it is.

One of the best ways to do this is to try to recollect how you have often felt after each of these past relationships.

Have you felt betrayed, emotionally exhausted or scared?

Have you often rebounded into new relationships relatively quickly after them?

If you have felt any of these emotions or found yourself jumping right into new relationships on a rebound, you may be going into these relationships prematurely and with very high expectations.

You may be so concerned with how badly you want each relationship to work that you rarely give each relationship the time to truly develop.

When it is always about jumping right into a new relationship, you are acting like there is something really missing in yourself that you want filled.

These past relationships clearly did not fill that space, so you move on to the next after having been emotionally drained by the last.

You can’t keep bouncing around from one relationship to the next without understanding yourself first.

A relationship is not supposed to fill a space or void in yourself.

You should already be a full and complete person before you get into one.

If the trust issues are arising due to something that is consistently happening in your current relationship with your boyfriend, that issue needs to be addressed.

Open and consistent communication is so important in a relationship.

If your boyfriend has no idea about what has been bothering you within the relationship, he wouldn’t know what to fix or adjust in himself.

This may cause more stress and lack of trust.

You shouldn’t be afraid to talk to your boyfriend about whatever particular issue or issues within the relationship that has led to the trust issues.

Never be afraid to truly speak your mind.

Honesty is absolutely crucial if you are to get your point across and get him to understand what is causing this problem.

It should be done in the nature of open conversation as opposed to making him feel like the bad guy or laying blame.

If the trust issues are coming from your childhood, this is a lot more deep-rooted.

You may need some time away from your current relationship in order to fix it.

Talking to your family candidly about this issue is where you start.

You may even want to talk to a professional counselor about it.

It will take time to overcome.

However, the sooner you begin, the better your chances of overcoming it and moving forward with your current relationship.

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