What Did He Mean By He Likes Me A Lot But Doesn’t Love Me?

What Did He Mean By He Likes Me A Lot But Doesn't Love Me?

He may be worried that your feelings for him are deeper than his feelings for you.

There may be a part of him that feels that he can grow to love you but he is worried that you have already reached that point too soon.

He tells you that he likes you a lot so as to convey the message to you that he truly does care and wants to see where this relationship goes.

However, he doesn’t want to give you false promises and set a huge expectation by going all out and telling you that he loves you.

His intention may be to temper your emotions. He may actually want you to slow down.

You may have fallen in love with him a lot quicker than he was expecting.

He may have been totally engaged in the process of dating you and getting to know you. However, he now realizes that your emotions have gone deeper than his own at this time and he may be worried about that.

He may not want to lose you as a partner or the girl that he is dating, but at the same time, he may not want you to get the wrong impression.

When he tells you that he likes you a lot but doesn’t love you, he may be indicating that he feels like there is so much more to you that he has to discover.

He may want to go on this journey with you.

He may be the kind of guy that needs to know more in order to allow himself to ultimately give in to loving you.

He may want this precious time with you because he believes that there is potential there.

Also understand that he may also be worried that you haven’t actually spent enough time with him to truly get to know him either.

He may believe that you are reacting too quickly to the excitement you feel at the moment.

If you are already in love with him, he may be worried that you haven’t truly had the time to know more about him.

There may be parts of his background or personality that he would want you to learn about first.

Indeed, he may be worried that you have fallen in love with what you think he is instead of who he truly is.

He may believe that there is no possible way for you to know who he truly is until you have been able to spend more time with him and he has been able to open up to you more.

He may feel that the both of you haven’t reached this point yet.

In order to keep your emotions in check and perhaps even guard your heart, he tells you what he did because he wants you to have more of an opportunity to get to know him more profoundly.

He may want you to see the parts of him that may not be that great.

He doesn’t know how accepting you will be about this other side of him.

However, he may never truly feel like he can allow himself to love you until you have gotten to experience who he is entirely as a person.

This means that you will have to experience the good with the bad.

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