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Too Ugly For Love?

Too Ugly For Love?Beauty is truly subjective.

If you believe that you are too ugly for love, think again.

You may have this belief because you haven’t had much luck in love.

In essence, you may be using your failed relationships to come to this conclusion.

However, your problem may have nothing to do with your physical appearance and everything to do with your attitude in life.

As I stated earlier, beauty is subjective.

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Being A Single Parent And Dating

Being A Single Parent And DatingIt can be challenging to be a single parent and date.

You have a number of responsibilities in your daily life.

Your child or children will have their needs that have to be met and it is your duty to take care of those needs.

Whether its taking them to doctor appointments, picking them up from school or just plain being there as their parent, there will always be a challenge in finding a way to balance things out so that you can date.

Hence, it is not always easy.

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How Do Guys Feel About Girls Who Play “Hard To Get?”

How Do Guys Feel About Girls Who Play "Hard To Get?"Some guys like it when girls play hard to get, some are in the middle and others hate it.

It really depends on the kind of guy you are dealing with and to some extent, his history.

If he has had the kind of history where he deals with girls like this, he will be more likely to accept the challenge. To a guy like this, he may love the chasing game just as much as getting the girl, if not more.

This guy would typically be one who has had a long history in dating.

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Do Guys Like Tall Girls?

Do Guys Like Tall Girls?Many guys like tall girls.

They like the elegance that height can give said girl.

There is a reason why supermodels are seen as very desirable in our society. They are not only pretty but also tend to be tall.

Yes, there are many guys who like tall girls.

If you are a tall girl, you should ensure that you carry yourself with grace. If you are very insecure about whether guys will like you because you are tall girl, this could be a turn off for some guys.

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How Do You Get A Boyfriend If Men Hate You?

How Do You Get A Boyfriend If Men Hate You?Why would you believe that men hate you?

Perhaps you have had some negative experiences with men that has led to this belief. Perhaps you have been on the receiving end of the same kind of treatment over and over.

Sometimes it can be hard to take a good hard look at yourself and make a critical assessment.

The truth is, if you notice that you keep hearing the same complaint about you from several different men that don’t even know each other, there is a good chance that those complaints may have merit.

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