Why Is It Hard For Guys To Believe That Some Pretty Girls Are Single?

Why Is It Hard For Guys To Believe That Some Pretty Girls Are Single?

Guys believe that pretty girls should have no trouble attracting guys.

You, as a pretty girl, have had to contend with guys who simply refuse to believe that you are single.

Men know male nature.

They know that that they are visual, as has been the case since the dawn of man.

Her beauty takes precedence over everything.

Many men overlook a girl’s bad personality, as long as she is pretty.

With all of this going for a pretty girl, they find it hard to believe that any pretty girl would be single.

You, as a pretty girl who is single, get frustrated when men make this assumption.

It has made it difficult for you to date.

Men just assume that you are pretty and therewith, you must have a cavalcade of men chasing after you.

Again, men know that they are very visual by nature.

The existence of a pretty single woman is really hard to believe because it goes against what they know innately about men.

They are now forced to assume that a pretty girl who is single must be single by choice.

This in turn works against you.

As if it hasn’t been hard enough to get men to approach you as a pretty woman, once they learn that you are single, your predicament is aggravated.

Now, they are filled with assumptions.

You are too picky.

Too conceited.

No one is good enough for you.

You expect Adonis himself to fall from the heavens for you to be satisfied.

An assumptions vomit.

This makes it doubly harder for you to get men to take you seriously and take a chance on approaching you and asking you out.

Yes, it’s hard for men to believe that some pretty girls, such as yourself, are single.

But they do have a valid argument.

Being that women of all shapes and sizes are pursued by men, it’s unimaginable to think that a pretty woman would be ignored.

As a pretty woman, it is highly unlikely that you don’t get any type of male attention when you are in public.

The reason you are single has more to do with how you behave in public than anything else.

A standoffish woman is a hard approach for men.

With exceptions, such as bad boys, men rarely want to approach a woman who looks like she is unfriendly.

You are already pretty, which makes it hard for men to approach without believing that you already have a boyfriend.

On top of that, a standoffish demeanor makes it doubly hard for men to approach.

The probability of getting rejected by a pretty woman is burdensome enough, but a standoffish demeanor increases that risk to the umpteenth degree.

He decides to pass on approaching you.

You are your own worst enemy when you are in public.

With the exception of bad boys, a pretty face isn’t enough to make men approach you when they sense a woman with a negative disposition.

A simple remedy for this is to smile often.

A smile goes an exceptionally long way in getting a guy to believe that you are approachable.

The next time you head out of your house or apartment, make it a point to smile whenever an opportunity presents itself.

Smile as you are talking to the girl or guy who is cashing you out at the grocery store or coffee shop.

Smile as you keep the door open for someone walking behind you as you are leaving a location.

Smile as you walk on the street talking on the phone to whoever.

Smile as you greet the gym employees at your local gym on your way in.

This makes a world of difference in the kind of energy you give off.

A positive energy.

Men are drawn to women with positive energy.

In one day of doing this exercise, I have no doubt that you will see the difference in how men look at you.

When a handsome man so happens to open up a conversation with you as you are waiting to check out of somewhere, you just might forget your name for a few seconds.

Prior to this, he saw your smile and how friendly you were to people in the store, and couldn’t help but start a conversation with you.

Just like that, you are approached and all it took was showing your pearly whites as you were going about your day.


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