What Is The Best Trait In A Guy?

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What Is The Best Trait In A Guy?Confidence is one of the best traits a guy can have.

Girls tend to gravitate towards guys who are confident.

If you are a confident guy, you will have one of the better traits out there.

This being said, there is a difference between being confident and being cocky or arrogant.

Cockiness and arrogance can be a turn off to many girls.

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You do need to understand the difference between them.

When you are confident, you don’t need to say that you are. You don’t need to brag or boast. You don’t need to put someone else down just to show that you have higher status.

This is often what a cocky or arrogant guy would do.

Cocky or arrogant guys who behave in this way are actually not all that sure of themselves beneath it all.

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They have their own insecurities that they would rather keep hidden.

In order to cover up those insecurities, they choose to belittle other people so that they can feel good about themselves.

Again, this kind of attitude is not going to win over a lot of women.

Being confident on the other hand is when you have a self-assuredness about yourself that doesn’t require hubris or the belittling of others.

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You already exude a sense of assertiveness.

You are able to convey just how confident you are by doing seemingly little things that don’t necessitate putting others down.

It could be in the assured manner in which you walk. Your shoulders straight, your head up and your hands apart.

It could be in the way you talk. Your understanding of a topic in which you are talking about.

The amount of amazing information you are able to divulge about that topic.

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The way you cite statistics in relation to that topic with such ease and aplomb.

Being confident could be in the way you are able to own up to your own mistakes and call yourself out if need be.

You are not worried about making a mistake. You own up to it and learn from it.

Being confident is when you are able to listen to someone without feeling the need to dominate the conversation.

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You are able to bide your time until the right time to speak. You are able to take information you have just learned and further extrapolate from it or give it even more depth.

Another good trait that girls like in a guy is when he is communicative.

They like a guy who is comfortable in social settings and is willing to open himself up to new people.

A guy like this would be social and open.

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He would typically be the kind of guy that can easily fit into a group discussion or even a one on one discussion with a stranger.

A trait like this often makes a girl feel good about going out with this guy.

She knows that he can hold his own and she won’t have to worry about having to keep him company the entire night just so that he doesn’t feel awkward.

This makes him that much more attractive to her and she may feel like she would really like to get to know even more about what makes this guy who he is.

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2 thoughts on “What Is The Best Trait In A Guy?”

  1. I have all of those good traits you listed in person and all of those bad traits online/ text. I do well in person…. I get along with others in person and a lot of the women I meet like me. The troll in me ends up ruining things online / over text though :/

  2. Hi Lemon Fresh Clorox,

    Do you ruin things online or over text consciously or do you try to get along and connect just like you are able to do in person but it just never tends to work out?

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