Can A Poor Guy Date Good Women Of Quality?

Can A Poor Guy Date Good Women Of Quality?

As a poor guy, you are worried that your lack of earning potential won’t attract good women of quality.

In good women of quality, you mean the type of women you are attracted to.

Women who are kind, loving, easygoing, with a great personality, and physically attractive.

This has kept you up at night.

It’s not that you have something against making money.

You simply don’t make a lot of it, and realistically, unless you win the lottery, you don’t see yourself doing that much better than where you are at now financially.

This is worrisome to you.

You want to date good women of quality, but what you are seeing in pop culture and society at large isn’t doing you any favors.

Everything seems to be about the money.

How nice a guy’s car is.

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How many designer clothes he has.

What area code he lives in.

This leaves you with a bitter taste in your mouth, given that you could care less about these things.

Although poor, you believe you bring a lot to the table in reference to relationships.

You are in good shape and have a great personality.

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Yet, there is a bothersome feeling that this isn’t enough.

Can a poor guy date good women of quality?

Yes, a poor guy can date good women of quality.

Some good women with the qualities you desire would date a poor guy, but there are caveats.

There is a difference between being poor, and being financially irresponsible.

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If you are poor because you are financially irresponsible, this hurts your ability to date good women of quality.

It makes you unattractive as a long-term partner, as a good woman of quality would assume that dating you is a license to becoming bankrupt in the future.

This is where you are going to lose out on good women of quality.

A good woman of quality doesn’t want to date a man who has bad spending habits, increasing the risk that she falls into financial ruin if she were to date him.

She doesn’t want to be the one who gets to foot all the bills and carry the financial burden of the relationship in its entirety.

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This is where you make her life stressful and unbearable.

She won’t stick around for long when you put her in this position.

On the flip side, a poor guy who lives within his means and isn’t financially irresponsible can date good women of quality.

Knowing that you are a good man who is capable of taking care of himself financially is a good start.

This keeps her from being fearful about going bankrupt if she were to date you.

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All of this being said, the reality is, most good women of quality prefer dating men who make either as much as they do monetarily, or more.

If you don’t meet this metric, you won’t attract as many good women of quality.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t completely eliminate you from the potential of dating a good woman of quality.

A minority of good women of quality are open to dating a poor guy, as long as you are financially responsible, and show her a personality and lifestyle that keeps her intrigued.

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