Does One’s Financial Stability Matter?

Does One's Financial Stability Matter?


Financial stability is vital in relationships.

Without it, a relationship suffers.

Financial stability is normally a sign of how well a relationship is going to go.

When one partner is financially stable and the other isn’t, it puts undue burden on the partner who is financially stable.

They are left to carry their partner financially and this puts a lot of stress on the financially stable partner, both mentally and financially.

This leads to trouble in the relationship, with the financially stable partner feeling like their partner isn’t pulling their weight and is using them.

Financial stability matters.

Many a time, two partners get caught up with romanticizing love, believing that financial stability doesn’t matter all that much as long as they have each other.

This works in a Hollywood movie but it doesn’t work in real life.

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During the honeymoon phase of their relationship, both partners are high on pleasure and bonding hormones dopamine and oxytocin, and it feels like they can overcome any obstacle that arises.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t take long before reality strikes its ugly hand.

Arguments occur over financial issues.

One partner is carrying the other financially and financial obligations aren’t being met.

Bills are piling up.

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It gets lopsided.

This kills the honeymoon phase fairly quickly.

Both partners are at each other’s throats.

On the onset of their relationship, they never thought this far .

Even though there was financial instability, they had a plan.

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They would go on cheap dates such as long walks in the park and cheap fast food in lieu of fancy restaurants.

But it gets to a point where financial instability leads to a piling up of debt.

One partner is sacrificing financially for the other in lieu of their own bills.

Late bills pile up.

A car is repossessed by the bank.

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Power is turned off from the home by the gas company.

The phone company turns off cellphone service.

Water is turned off by the water company.

Amid all this, the financially unstable partner keeps asking for financial assistance with their expenses.

You see, the love these two lovebirds believed would be a cure-all has come to a head.

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It isn’t enough.

The bills and debt are piling up and it doesn’t take long before they are having fights over it.

There is no gratitude or consideration from the partner who is financially unstable.

It’s a constant barrage of requests for financial assistance.

The financially stable partner is left to foot the bill for dates and life’s expenses, while struggling with their own financial responsibilities.

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It’s no wonder the relationship comes to an end soon after these financial issues kick in.

All that romanticizing about love being enough goes up in smoke.

The cold hard reality about the need for financial stability in a relationship has finally hit them like a ton of bricks.

It’s a harsh lesson, but it had to be experienced for them to see the light.

Such is the nature of reality.

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Financial stability matters.

A relationship’s sustainability is significantly dependent on that.

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