I Didn’t Kiss Her After Our First Date?

I Didn't Kiss Her After Our First Date?

The first date went really well.

When you drove her back home, and walked her to her door, there was a lingering look on her face.

She was waiting a bit too long to turn around and walk into her home.

You knew right there and then that she wanted a kiss from you, but you didn’t do it.

After she walked into her home and you turned around to walk back to your car, you couldn’t get that out of your head.

She wanted the kiss and you didn’t give it to her.

You wanted to, but stopped yourself from doing it.

It was the fear that you were about to ruin what had been an amazing first date by being too presumptuous or premature in kissing her.

You were playing it safe.

Too safe.

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And now, you are worried you have blown an opportunity she was giving you to kiss her.

Have you messed everything up with her?

You haven’t.

It was a first date, and she knows that.

To that effect, she won’t punish you for not kissing her this early into courting her.

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Sure, she liked you enough to be fine with a kiss, but she knows that it is still early and you didn’t want to overstep any boundaries.

Now, it would be different if you had already been on a slew of dates with her and hadn’t kissed her.

That isn’t the case.

It has only been one date so far.

So, don’t beat yourself up about it.

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The good news is that the first date went really well and she was open to a kiss from you.

This means that you left her with a good impression.

Be cognizant of this, so that you don’t overthink and cause yourself to behave in a way that jeopardizes your courtship of her moving forward.

Don’t put your foot off the gas so to speak.

Ask her out on a 2nd date soon and continue consistently communicating with her in-between dates.

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This lets her know that you are into her and looking forward to seeing her again.

This maintains the momentum between you.

Something else you mustn’t do is force a kiss on the second date out of the feeling that you blew it on the first date.

Don’t do this.

There was a moment in the first date that was earned, where she waited for you to kiss her, but that was fitting to the first date.

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The second date is hopefully going to be just as good or better than the first, but you have to allow the moment to arrive naturally.

The moment you kiss her.

If you force a kiss on her on the second date at an inappropriate moment, so as to make up for not kissing her on the first date, you make it awkward.

This runs the risk of turning her off.

So don’t force the issue.

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Let the right moment arrive naturally, without forcing it.

Then and only then should you kiss her.

Don’t worry, given how much chemistry you shared with each other on the first date, an opportune moment to kiss her is bound to appear again.

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