When You Feel A Familiar Connection To Someone, What Does It Mean?

When You Feel A Familiar Connection To Someone, What Does It Mean?

You have felt a connection like this with someone from your past or with someone from your dreams.

It’s familiar based on your past history with this person or with this dream.

Let’s address the connection with someone from your past.

This new person has triggered feelings in you that you haven’t experienced since that person from your past was in your life.

In years since, you have become accustomed to dating guys who made you feel good, but not to the extent of this guy from your past.

These guys were fine, you have liked them well enough, but their effect on you has never gone beyond a monotony of complacency.

Yet, this new person is causing a stir within you that feels familiar, although you haven’t felt it in a while.

Though it feels familiar, it isn’t a feeling that you are used to.

The sense of familiarity comes from the emotional satisfaction and joy you are experiencing with this new person, that is comparable only to what you experienced with the guy from your past.

Was there a guy you knew from your past who never became a boyfriend?

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Everything was there.

The laughter and conversation was amazing.

There were shared interests and conversation that flowed abundantly.

You knew that this person was connecting with you on everything, and romance was around the corner.

It didn’t happen.

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For whatever reason, a romantic relationship never came of it.

Eventually, you grew apart and life moved on.

The familiar connection you have with this new person is akin to what you experienced in your past with this other guy.

There is so much similarity in how he behaves to how the guy from your distant past behaved.

From how he talks to how he makes you laugh, it feels like you are reliving a part of your distant history.

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That past experience with the guy from your past had receded into the back of your mind, but you didn’t realize that its influence persisted, waiting for the right moment to resurface.

Now it has.

That familiar connection has returned with this new guy.

Now, to the second reason, the guy who has been in your dreams.

Though you have never met anyone who has made you feel like this, the connection feels familiar.

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Everyone you have dated until now checked every box, from their looks to their temperament.

But there was an intangible that none of them met.

You have never known what that intangible is exactly, but deep down, as you dated these past boyfriends, it felt like there was something missing.

The familiar connection you have with this new person has to do with that intangible.

He has connected with that part of you that your past boyfriends didn’t.

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Yes, he checks every box, but he goes beyond that.

In your dreams, you envisioned a boyfriend like this, without knowing exactly what it is that makes him fulfill you so deeply.

This new person has it.

It feels familiar, being that you have dreamt about it, without knowing exactly what it is.

With this new guy, you feel it.

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A connection to your subconscious has been made.

This is what you have been missing in every serious relationship you have had in your life.

That intangible.

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