She Found Pics Of Me And An Ex?

She Found Pics Of Me And An Ex?

While she was looking through your pics, she found pics of you and an ex.

These were pics from years ago before you met her.

Yet, she wasn’t happy.

As your new girlfriend, she didn’t like the fact that you continue to have pics of yourself and an ex hanging around.

Upon seeing said pics, she told you to throw them out.

This has you uncertain.

You don’t know whether you want to throw them out.

It’s not that you have feelings for your ex.

These pics are memories.

Memories that are part of your past.

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This makes it harder for you to let them go.

To you, it is akin to erasing part of your history, which isn’t appealing to you.

Generally, you don’t agree with the idea that someone has to get rid of pics taken with an ex.

You haven’t spoken to your ex in ages.

There is no reason in your opinion to throw away pics from a person’s past solely based on the presence of an ex in said pics.

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It’s not lost to you that having pics of an ex raises reasonable concern in the mind of a new partner.

This concern centers around the fear that you haven’t gotten over your ex.

You get that.

Nevertheless, you have no doubt in your mind that you don’t have feelings for your ex.

Which is why you have an issue with throwing out a piece of your history on account of having an ex present in these pics.

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Is that what has to happen each and every time a person breaks up with someone else?

In that case, what happens to someone who has loads of girlfriends throughout his life?

Is he supposed to delete every single pic with an ex every time he gets into a new relationship?

That is half of his life.

To you, it wreaks of insecurity to demand that someone throw out pics taken with an ex from years prior.

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What to do in this situation?

Should you get rid of these pics to make your girlfriend feel better and more secure, or keep them?

To start with, ask yourself about how much you value your relationship with your girlfriend.

If your intent is to have a long-term relationship with her, you should get rid of those pics.

I get it.

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These pics were a part of your past, and a precious memory.

Well, your current girlfriend is your future.

There is no going back to the past.

That’s impossible.

In holding on to your past, you lose out on your future.

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A future with this girlfriend.

Ask yourself about what matters most.

Your past, or your future?

If you don’t value your girlfriend enough to make sacrifices so as to have a future with her, you don’t like her as much as you think.

Additionally, there are latent feelings for your ex that you aren’t fully acknowledging.

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And as long as you keep those pics, those latent feelings are susceptible to surfacing at a moment of weakness when you are going through a rough patch with your girlfriend.

It’s dangerous to keep those pics around.

The argument that these pics are a part of your past, and you don’t want to erase your past is notable.

However, is that enough to jeopardize your future with your current girlfriend?

If you believe it isn’t, get rid of the pics.

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Moving forward, diversify the types of pics you take.

Have loads of pics taken while doing activities with people you aren’t dating.

This way, you don’t feel like you are erasing your past every time you get into a new relationship with a girl and she asks you to get rid of pics that were taken with an ex.

There would be so many pics taken with various people in your collection, that removing a few taken with an ex would have little effect in erasing past memories.

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