When Do You Know It’s Time To Break Up?

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When Do You Know It's Time To Break Up?

When you feel like all of the effort is coming from your end and your partner could care less, it may be time to break up.

A relationship is a two way street.

Both parties involved have to be completely invested in it for it to work in a healthy and long-lasting way.

If you have been putting out a great deal of effort to keep this relationship fresh and moving in the right direction but your partner hasn’t, there is a big problem with this.

Have you had a discussion with your partner about what they are doing?

Have you let them know how you feel?

You must communicate first and let your partner know where you stand.

If your partner truly cares about you and the relationship, they should do what they can to make it work and move toward a happy conclusion.

However, if they aren’t doing this even after such a discussion, they don’t care.

They don’t care as much as you do.

If you are the only one who cares about what is going on in the relationship and the direction it’s taking, the relationship is simply not viable.

There has to be an equal approach to helping this relationship from both parties involved.

If you are trying to figure out what time to break up, it would be now.

It would be when you have tried to no avail.

It would be when you realize that your partner is simply not giving back as much as you are.

It would be when you have talked about improving the relationship and you have discovered that you are the only one who is making a true effort to do so.

Also, you will know that it is time to break up when you realize that you aren’t intent on having a future with this person.

In other words, when you think about your future, you simply don’t see this person in it.

It is almost like you are either in that future alone or with someone else.

This is a very strong sign that your subconscious may be sending you.

There are moments in relationships when we simply don’t want to let go.

We may believe that we love our partner and as a result we decide that we will stay with it and hope for the best.

Oftentimes, your subconscious is what sends you the message that indeed you are no longer in love.

If not that, it may send the message that though you may still be in love, you aren’t emotionally invested in your partner anymore.

You don’t really want them to be a part of your future.

When you are able to understand these subtle messages that is being sent to you by your subconscious, you may be willing to own up to the fact that you may actually not want to be with your partner anymore.

You may finally come to the realization that this relationship is no longer feasible.

You are not going to continue lying to yourself anymore.

You would much rather break up and move forward with your life.

Moving forward with your life gives you the opportunity to realize that there is more out there.

There are more possibilities for fulfilling relationships.

It can be easy to think that you will never find a better relationship than the one you have just been in, but you can.

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