My Date Likes To Mostly Go To Expensive Places?

My Date Likes To Mostly Go To Expensive Places?

Thus far, you have been out on a handful of dates with her, but there is a problem.

She is all about going to expensive places on dates.

Every time you suggest doing a cheaper activity such as going to the beach or having a picnic, she suggests going to an expensive place.

Expensive restaurants especially.

Thankfully, she isn’t having you pay at all these expensive venues.

She pays too.

However, you are worried about her expensive tastes, given that you are more of a person who is cost-conscious in how you go about living your life.

Typically, you indulge in expensive activities on special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries, not on every date with a girl you are in the early stages of courting.

Ergo, you have a conundrum.

How do you handle a situation like this?

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Unfortunately, this is a situation where you are dating someone that isn’t compatible with you.

At least, not compatible for a long-term relationship.

A short-term casual relationship is feasible, but a long-term relationship is negligible.

She has expensive tastes, and you don’t.

This is incompatibility at its loudest.

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She is a woman who is used to living a life with expensive proclivities.

Were you to get into a committed relationship with this woman, you are bound to hit an impasse.

It won’t take long before you realize that it isn’t only expensive restaurants she espouses.

Her expensive tastes are pervasive.

She wants to go on expensive trips, live in an expensive home, buy expensive designer clothes and accessories, drive an expensive car, and so on.

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Thereby, it won’t end with expensive restaurants.

That’s merely where it starts.

This isn’t who you are.

This is why you must ask yourself about what you are expecting out of this.

As aforesaid, given the differences in the approach to finances, she isn’t a compatible candidate for a long-term relationship.

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A short-term casual relationship is feasible, but nothing beyond that.

There is a reason why she has paid for a number of these expensive dates.

She wants to give you the impression that she isn’t using you for your finances.

Her motivation is to demonstrate that she is prepared to pay her fair share.

None of this matters when you aren’t the type of person who has expensive tastes.

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Living a lifestyle that speaks to her expensive tastes is bound to hit a crossroads.

It’s inevitable that there will come a point where you are incapable of keeping up with her expensive lifestyle, and she ends up being the one footing the bill for every expensive endeavor and purchase.

She won’t like this.

A woman with expensive tastes wants to be in a relationship with a guy who has the financial wherewithal to keep up with a lifestyle she is accustomed to.

When your relationship arrives at a crossroads, where she is the one paying for every expensive endeavor and purchase, she is sure to get fed up with it.

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This is a recipe for disaster.

Meaning, the relationship won’t last much longer.

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