How To Ensure Our First Trip As A Couple Goes Smoothly?

How To Ensure Our First Trip As A Couple Goes Smoothly?

That first trip as a couple is often nerve-racking.

It hasn’t been too long since you two have been a couple and now the first trip together is on the horizon.

It’s a combination of nerves and excitement.

Wanting your first trip as a couple to go smoothly is admirable.

The last thing you want is to have this be your first and last trip together.

It is natural to have nerves and excitement.

Doing the first of anything major as a couple normally comes with a mix of emotions and a first trip falls in line with this.

The first step is to have this first trip scheduled out properly.

Freeing up your schedules at the right time is important.

It isn’t a good idea to squeeze this first trip into a time slot that is inconvenient for your partner.

Granted, he could make it work, but you would already be stressing him out before the trip has even happened.

Whether he now has to take on extra workloads at his workplace to make up for his time away on this upcoming trip or he has to go through the sometimes grueling process of getting someone to fill in for him, none of this is ever convenient on the eve of a first trip as a couple.

He is already stressing out over this before you have shown him the beautiful pictures of the location you two are journeying to.

Don’t stress him out before the trip any more than is necessary.

This means that the scheduling of the trip should be around a time that works seamlessly for the two of you.

This aside, the planning of the trip itself must be done with the two of you actively involved.

As a woman, it is sometimes very tempting to do the planning all by yourself and just check in with your boyfriend from time to time about certain details.

Being that this is your first trip as a couple, avoid that urge.

You are both still growing as a couple.

Planning the trip together is a great way to develop a stronger bond.

Divide the workload between the two of you.

Work as a team by delegating individual tasks.

Tasks that work to your strengths.

Maybe you are the one who looks into what hotel to book and he is the one who looks into what sites the both of you are going to see.

Work as a team, but have individual responsibilities.

Keep each other informed all the while and remain open to suggestions.

This keeps you two equally involved and invested in the process, as opposed to one person having the entire responsibility of planning the trip, which could lead to disagreements down the line when it is too late and you are both already at the location.

When you are at the location, check in with each other consistently.

In other words, maintain open communication.

Sometimes, one person has changed their mind about doing a certain activity that was previously agreed upon, but chooses to do it anyway so as not to be a spoiler.

Don’t be like this.

The idea of the trip is for the two of you to be having fun.

If there is an activity that you realize you would much rather not do, communicate that.

Without communicating this to him, he doesn’t know.

Next thing you know, there is stress and discomfort in the air because you just completed an activity that you didn’t enjoy doing.

Communicate at all times during your trip, even when it has to do with no longer wanting to do an activity that was previously planned.

He should do the same.

You don’t want one person faking having fun when they aren’t.

As long as the two of you are constantly checking in on each other through open communication, there is less of a risk that a fight will occur after the fact, right in the middle of eating lunch.

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