My Girlfriend Lied About Being A Virgin?

My Girlfriend Lied About Being A Virgin?

It wasn’t welcome news when she confessed that she wasn’t a virgin at the time you were intimate with her.

You had specifically asked her about whether she was a virgin before being intimate with her, and she had told you she was.

That answer made you feel good.

It was your first time too, and you loved the fact that you were virgins.

Unfortunately, she came out with the truth a few weeks later, telling you that she had lied about being a virgin.

She had an ex boyfriend that she had been intimate with in a prior relationship.

Her motivation behind lying to you about being a virgin had to do with a fear that you wouldn’t like her if you knew she wasn’t a virgin.

She could tell how excited you were to be with a virgin.

Being that you were a virgin at the time, she didn’t want to ruin your dream of being intimate with someone who had never been intimate with anyone else.

She liked you so much, she didn’t want you to write her off if she were to tell you that she wasn’t a virgin.

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So she lied.

But now, she is coming clean.

It has you livid, and your feelings are hurt.

That special moment you thought you had shared with her was a complete farce.

She lied to you and you believe that this is a red flag, yet, you don’t know where to go from here.

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Where do you go from here?

The elephant in the room is the question of trust.

She lied about being a virgin.

The motivation was to get you to like her and date her.

You just started dating this girl, and already, lies have been told.

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How easy would it be for her to lie to you again?

Trust must be established for a relationship to thrive.

Can you trust her?

Think long and hard about this.

To get a better idea about this, do your own investigation on her character and past romantic relationships.

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Does she have a consistent history of upstanding character?

Was she trustworthy in her past romantic relationships?

Getting answers to these questions requires that you build strong relationships with her friends, so that you put yourself in a position where you get to have candid conversations with them about her character and past romantic relationships in the foreseeable future.

A friend of hers has a greater tendency to tell the truth about her character and past romantic relationships when said friend has established a strong relationship with you, than when said friend merely knows you as her new boyfriend and not much else.

Her friends have the potential to give you much better insight into her character, and how her past romantic relationships transpired.

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Beyond this, see whether you can connect with her previous boyfriends.

There are several tools to go about doing this, whether it be through social media or mutual friends.

Do everything in your power to find out whether she is trustworthy before investing in a long-term relationship with her.

Doing so saves you from persistent worry and future pain.

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