Girls – What Is A Red Flag In The Pursuit Or Early Stages Of A Relationship That Immediately Makes You Think Twice About Being With A Person?

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Girls - What Is A Red Flag In The Pursuit Or Early Stages Of A Relationship That Immediately Makes You Think Twice About Being With A Person?

A big red flag for girls in the early stages of a relationship that can immediately make them think twice about being with a guy is when a guy tells them that he loves them too soon or is too clingy.

Some guys get into the early stages of a relationship and become completely enamored by a girl.

They give her too many compliments and essentially put her on a very high pedestal.

Ultimately, these guys profess their love for this girl very early in the relationship because they simply believe that they are made for each other.

They think that simply because the girl has been going out on dates with them and seemingly responding in a positive way to their advances, the girl is also in love with them and would entertain the idea that he feels the same way.

These guys immediately become a red flag to these girls because they feel like his feelings have become way too potent too soon.

The girl begins to feel like the guy is desperate for love, attention or sex.

This can be a very big turn off to the girl.

When she gets the sense that this guy simply doesn’t seem to have a life of his own and is clinging on to her life and every word, she will see that as a powerful red flag.

There is very little mystery or excitement for her. There is little to nothing for her to look forward to when she knows that all you want to do is be with her.

Hence, guys who fall in love too quickly in the early stages of the relationship or become too clingy tend to be giant red flags for girls.

A guy who also doesn’t communicate much is a red flag for girls during the early stages of pursuit in a relationship.

Some guys have it ingrained in their heads that they should use the approach of not communicating much with a girl in order to get her to become interested in them.

They have either been told this by others or have seen it actually work in other relationships.

The truth is, this method can only work if the girl is really into the guy and even then, she will not last that long.

The frustration alone will soon drive her away.

Unfortunately, the guy notices this too late and by the time he comes around, she has lost interest.

If you think that you can communicate very little with a girl in the early stages and be able to get her or improve your chances of getting her, think again.

Girls will only tolerate this type of behavior to a certain extent and as mentioned earlier, she would really have to like you for her to hang around longer than the norm.

It’s a red flag when a guy does this because the girl will have conflicting emotions.

She may wonder if the guy is truly into her or if he is a player.

Again, the intrigue will only last so long, if indeed there is any there to begin with.

A girl wants to feel wanted and desired.

She will not feel this way if she barely ever hears from you.

This is one of the biggest red flags that makes girls think twice about continuing to date you in the early stages of a relationship.

At this stage, it is a lot easier for her to simply give up on you and let you go because she hasn’t developed a deep enough emotional connection with you to care that much.

At this point, she would most likely start moving on or may even start talking to other guys.

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