Is Dating Someone Who’s A Mechanic Or Does Manual Labor Looked Down On?

Is Dating Someone Who's A Mechanic Or Does Manual Labor Looked Down On?

As a mechanic, you have talked to several women who ended up ghosting you or losing interest after learning that you are a mechanic.

In the beginning, you didn’t want to believe that this was the case.

Nevertheless, it kept happening.

In due course, you had to conclude that whenever these women learn about what you do for a living, they are turned off and consequently ghost you.

It has you upset to a large degree, as you believe that you are being judged unjustly.

As a mechanic, you make a great yearly income.

You have your financial affairs in order, from your bills to the considerable amount of money you have in savings.

You own your own car and live well.

Amid all this, these women don’t give you much credit.

It’s as though once they know you work in manual labor, they can’t see past that.

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This has you questioning whether being a mechanic or someone who works in manual labor is looked down on by women.

To answer this question, you have to carefully take account of the women you are going out on dates with.

Unfortunately, there is a stereotype that has been perpetuated in pop culture that a person who does manual labor doesn’t make good money and isn’t working a proper career.

This sentiment is primarily embraced by women who were raised in white-collar families and work at white-collar jobs.

Basically, the women who work at office or corporate jobs.

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These are the women who have a much greater likelihood of looking at a man who works a manual labor job as someone who isn’t working a proper career and doesn’t make much money.

This has been indoctrinated in her head since she was young.

Now that she is a young professional working at a white-collar job, she wants to go out with guys who are similar.

As far as she is concerned, a guy with a white-collar job has a clear career path with increased earning potential year after year.

She doesn’t see this with a mechanic or a guy who works in manual labor.

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When you date women who work at blue-collar jobs, they are much more open to guys who work in manual labor.

She has grown up with parents who worked blue-collar jobs, which is what makes her that much more open to dating men who are mechanics or work manual labor jobs.

She had a dad, uncle or brother who worked with his hands as she was growing up.

She appreciates men like this and has no trouble dating men like this.

Pay attention to the women you are going out on dates with.

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A woman who is white-collar and grew up with white-collar parents is most likely to buy into the false narrative that mechanics or guys who work in manual labor have dead-end jobs and earn little.

A woman who is blue-collar in upbringing and in what she does for a living is much different.

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