I’m Seeing Couples Everywhere And Wonder How It’s So Easy For Them?

I'm Seeing Couples Everywhere And Wonder How It's So Easy For Them?

This is a common complaint that single people have.

Wherever they go in public, they see couples.

As you walk, all by your lonesome, there are numerous couples milling about.

It’s like reliving the same day over and over.

You go to a grocery store and see couples.

At the mall, couples.

At a restaurant, couples.

Everywhere you are, there they are.

It’s like these couples are taunting you, getting sadistic pleasure in knowing that you are miserable seeing them everywhere.

This has you befuddled at how seemingly easy it is for these people to couple up.

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You haven’t had the best luck in your dating life.

The few times you have been out on a date, it has failed.

Every time this has happened, it leaves you that much more depressed, damaging your sense of self-worth.

You know for a fact that your confidence has taken a major hit.

It’s hard feeling good about yourself when you are perennially alone in public.

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What is it with these couples?

How do people couple up so easily?

This isn’t as complicated as you think.

The bulk of the couples you see everywhere meet through social circles in real life or online.

Social circles in real life encompass a myriad of options.

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Some of these include relationships from friendships, work, school, church, family friends, community, neighbors, bars, nightclubs, etc.

Social circles online primarily encompass social media, dating apps and interactive websites.

It’s not that it is easy for these people, it’s that they put out an effort.

These couples you see everywhere didn’t become couples by accident.

They didn’t easily fall into a relationship.

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They put out an effort to find each other and court each other.

You mustn’t mislead yourself into thinking that these couples got into relationships easily.

True, there are those who can easily find relationships, but the majority of people put in the effort to find relationships.

How much effort do you put into your dating life?

A few failures isn’t an excuse to throw your hands up and give up on dating.

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Dating is a numbers game.

A lot of the couples you see everywhere were exposed to failure.

Yes, just like you, they experienced failed dates and rejection.

They didn’t let that stop them.

They kept on trying, learning from their mistakes and making changes to how they went about dating.

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This is what eventually led to their success in finding someone to couple up with.

How many changes have you made in how you go about dating?

The truth is, you probably haven’t made that many changes.

Staying stuck in your ways doesn’t help you get a date, nor does it help you have success when you do get a date.

You have now learned about the social circles in which most people find their partners.

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Use the social circles that identify best with you and put out an effort to meet someone, while applying the lessons you have learned from the failed dates you have had in the past.

Doing this consistently gives you the best shot at coupling up with someone.

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