If A Guy Made Out With Me At A Party, Does It Mean Anything?

If A Guy Made Out With Me At A Party, Does It Mean Anything?

It’s about what he does afterward.

A party environment is tricky.

If he was drunk or tipsy, there are strong odds he made out with you under the influence of alcohol.

Alcohol lowers inhibitions.

When a guy makes out with you while in this state of mind, you mustn’t get too excited about it.

This being said, you mustn’t get excited if he was completely sober either.

A party environment is different from a private intimate setting.

There is peer pressure.

People are making out here and there.

The environment gets infectious, especially when he sees that you aren’t making out with anyone.

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That party atmosphere is influential in how a person behaves.

As human beings we want to fit in.

In seeing a bunch of his friends and fellow party-goers making out and getting touchy-feely with each other, he is emboldened and compelled to look for someone to do the same with.

This is especially true when he has noted a number of attraction cues directed at him from your end throughout the duration of the party.

A little prodding from friends to make a move and he is matching towards you.

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He chats you up, and next thing you know, you are making out.

This is why you mustn’t get excited about making out with him at a party.

Regardless of whether he was inebriated or not, the party atmosphere in and of itself is influential in how he behaves.

Keeping this in mind, what do you do?

How do you know it meant anything?

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It’s about what he does afterward, away from the party.

What he does outside of the party environment when he has his faculties about him.

He isn’t being influenced by alcohol or a party atmosphere.

He is sober and thinking clearly.

In an ideal world, he is calling or texting you soon after a party, within a day or two.

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There is ongoing conversation that culminates in a request to meet for lunch, dinner, coffee, etc.

Has he done this?

The longer it goes without you hearing from him, the less likely he has an interest in you.

A guy who likes a girl is thinking about her constantly.

Though he met her at a party, he is longing to reconnect with her.

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Not having your contact information doesn’t stop him either.

Being that you were at a party with him, there are various people he has access to from whom he can get your contact information.

He would go out of his way to reconnect with you after a party, and it happens quickly.

The longer it takes for you to hear from him, the less likely it is that making out with him at a party meant anything.

This isn’t the news you wanted to hear, but do everything in your power to avoid obsessing about it.

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Obsessing about it could compel you to make an aggressive move in reaching out to him first.

This isn’t a good move.

It means you are the aggressor, the one pursuing him.

Once a guy perceives this, he won’t take you seriously.

Rest assured that any guy worth his salt who is genuinely interested in a woman will aggressively pursue her.

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If it has only been a day or two since the party, all hope isn’t lost that you hear from him.

Any time beyond a week is a strong signal that it is highly unlikely it meant anything when you made out with him at a party.

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