How Do I Discourage Him From Drinking So Much And Get Him To Be Healthier?

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How Do I Discourage Him From Drinking So Much And Get Him To Be Healthier?

There is only so much you can do as his girlfriend or the person that he is seeing at this time.

You have to determine as best you can if he actually has a drinking problem.

Oftentimes, you will be able to tell if he does by how often he has to have a drink.

If he is constantly drinking even during occasions where drinking isn’t necessary, he may have a drinking problem.

If he is often drunk or inebriated whenever you are both talking or hanging out, he may have a drinking problem.

If he is unable to keep a job and is constantly getting fired due to too many missed days, a lack of sobriety or a lack of focus at the job, he may have a drinking problem.

You could even look into his family history.

If there are members of his family who drink a lot and have a history of having a drinking problem, he may be more prone to having the same kind of problem because he grew up around it.

If he grew up around it, he may not even recognize the fact that he has a problem.

This kind of inebriated behavior would be the norm to him because this is what he saw on a constant basis growing up.

Hence, your task should be to begin to determine just how bad this problem is.

You will just have to assess his general behavior around you and while away from you.

If he is drunk or drinking the majority of the time that you are with him, he may have a drinking problem.

If he is drunk or drinking the majority of the time when he is away from you, he may have a drinking problem.

Addressing this issue with him may be difficult because he may not want to confront it.

A lot of people like this can easily be in denial of their condition.

You don’t want to discourage him from fixing this problem, you want to encourage him.

You can take some initial action by changing the kind of environments that you both tend to socialize in.

If you tend to go to bars together or go to places where alcohol is readily available, you should change this kind of behavior.

Start engaging in activities where there is no alcohol around.

Start getting him to be active in these environments by leading by example.

The more you expose him to these healthy environments and activities on a consistent basis, the more you may encourage him to forget about drinking.

If you want him to get healthier, you can engage in some physical exercises together on a regular basis or you could start getting him to meditate with you.

When it comes to your home, you should avoid having any alcoholic drinks around.

Only have healthy drinks or water.

This how you continue to lead by example. By doing this, you don’t give him easy access to alcohol.

Whenever he wants to go somewhere to drink with you, suggest doing something else.

If you try all these things and he is still drinking, this is when you may be better off trying to get him to get professional help.

If he chooses not to do so, you will be better off leaving him.

You don’t want to get sucked into an abusive relationship.

One day, he may have had too much alcohol and may strike you out of anger.

Perhaps he begins to insult you verbally as time goes on.

Now you are experiencing both emotional and physical abuse due to his drinking.

Unfortunately, this is often where these kind of relationships end up.

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