Do Guys Like A Girl Who Takes Initiative To Text Or Call First Or Do They Like “The Chase?”

Do Guys Like A Girl Who Takes Initiative To Text Or Call First Or Do They Like "The Chase?"

Most guys would feel flattered if the girl took the initiative to text or call him first.

A guy like this may be pleasantly surprised by the move.

It will often make him believe that this girl must like him.

A guy isn’t always sure when a girl does like him.

This is why a guy will often have a number of girls he is talking to at one time.

He is hoping that by playing the numbers, he will have the best shot at landing a girl who is actually interested in dating him.

However, if he were to receive a text or call that was initiated by the girl, he instantly knows that this girl is interested.

If he likes the girl, this will often put her at the top of his priority list.

In other words, his focus changes to her.

He knows that there is a good chance that she is interested, so he begins to dedicate the majority of his energy on interacting with her as opposed to the other girls.

Hence, by this act alone, a girl can easily make herself a guy’s first priority.

Thereby, she would be ahead of the other girls, if there are other girls in question.

Most guys also like it when the girl initiates a text or call because it makes them feel like the girl is giving him back the same kind of energy.

He may have been the one who did the initial approach or request to exchange information.

Now that the girl has actually taken the next step in initiating a text or call, the guy may feel like she is responding to him.

This normally encourages him to play along.

This is how the channel of communication that can ultimately lead to a date is further opened.

Guys like it when a girl is responding to them in a proactive manner.

All of this appreciation doesn’t mean that the guy doesn’t like “the chase.”

After all, this whole process is still a big chase.

The chase isn’t over because a girl initiates a text or call.

Most guys are still going to chase the girl even if she initiated.

If he likes her, he would want to learn more about her.

He would initiate more texts and calls.

If he truly likes the girl, he is not just going to sit back and wait on the girl to keep texting or calling him first.

This is often where many girls are mistaken.

They worry that if they initiate the first text or call that somehow this will be what is expected from her from here on out or somehow she has taken the traditional “chase” out of the equation.

This is untrue.

Most guys who are truly interested would continue to chase the girl even after she sends that first text or call.

All she did was give him a powerful indication that she is indeed interested.

From here, he would want to keep the conversation and interaction going.

The more confident he feels about the girl’s intention, the more willing he will be to ask for an eventual date.

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