Did I Make A Mistake Opening Up To My Girlfriend?

How long you have been in this relationship and what you were opening up about matters.

Did I Make A Mistake Opening Up To My Girlfriend?When you have been in a relationship for a relatively short period of time, tread lightly on the reveals.

It’s a mistake to give her too much to handle too soon.

Recently anointed as your girlfriend or romantic partner, doesn’t mean she is ready for the totality of your emotional baggage.

Temper what you say to her.

It is good to be scrupulous and forthcoming in a relationship, but you need to pick the right moments and stages to reveal sensitive information.

Keep it at a minimum while the relationship is fresh.

Open up to her successively as time goes on, but don’t give her too much at one time.

A relationship that has lasted a few weeks or a couple months is fairly new and you need to tread lightly.

Even though you are in a relationship, there is much to learn about each other.

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Give it time for rapport to develop.

As your relationship lengthens, the rapport and trust grows, providing the moments for you to open up more.

Shy away from overwhelming her with depressing information when she hasn’t developed enough of an emotional bond with you to handle it.

It is too much information.

A relationship that has lasted a while has earned you the leeway to open up to your girlfriend with more sensitive information.

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With that length of time in, your rapport and bond has strengthened, and the comfort level is sky high.

Regardless of whether your relationship is fairly new or has lasted a while, opening up to your girlfriend at the appropriate time is definitely worth it.

It creates an openness to the relationship that improves communication.

Communication matters in relationships.

When you open up, do it with the recognition that whatever you are about to reveal isn’t her problem and putting this on her is unfair.

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Your girlfriend isn’t your therapist.

She is, well, your girlfriend.

Make it clear to her that you have a firm hold of this issue and working on fixing it.

This is your project, not hers.

Yes, you are making her aware of it, but you aren’t burdening her with it.

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Becoming a part of it is her choice and prerogative.

Refrain from making her feel pressured or bound to helping you work through it.

Pressuring her applies undue pressure on the relationship.

Her support is appreciated, but it isn’t her burden to bear.

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