How To Form An Emotional Connection With Women I Am Interested In Dating?

How To Form An Emotional Connection With Women I Am Interested In Dating?

A shared interest is normally a good start.

When there is something that the both of you identify with, it is so much easier to form an initial connection.

It’s just like making friends in a way.

Friendships often start with people who have a shared interest.

It is so much easier to have a conversation over said interest.

It is easier to tell stories about shared experiences.

Having a shared interest with a woman is a good start to beginning the process of forming an emotional connection with her.

Now, this isn’t enough.

A shared interest only takes you so far.

Women want to know that you are thinking about them.

It is not enough to go out on dates and leave it at that.

The work is really done when you are in-between dates.

A huge mistake many guys make is when they only focus on going out on dates with women and not so much what they do in-between dates.

You are missing out on forming an emotional connection with women when you don’t put much effort into what you do in-between dates.

You should be keeping the conversation going in-between dates.

Find out how her day is going.

Crack a few jokes to help her get through a day that doesn’t seem to be ending thanks to a demanding boss.

Send her memes or even funny videos.

When she is available to talk, call her.

Yes, call her.

Don’t hide behind texting.

So many guys make this mistake.

They send the occasional text in-between dates to keep her in the loop but avoid calling her.

You should call her.

You don’t have to call her everyday.

You don’t even have to call her more than you text this early in your relationship with her, but you should call her.

Hearing your voice brings comfort.

Her ability to talk to you with her natural voice instead of texting on a digital keypad is a major way to make her feel like you care.

She is just not another girl in the line of several girls you may be dating at the moment that you are keeping in the loop by lazily texting and calling it a night.

You are making it a lot more personal when you choose to call her every so many days during the week.

Tell her that you are truly enjoying getting to know her and back that up with your actions.

To do this, use the information she gives you in conversations to build a stronger bond with her by learning more about it and coming back to ask her follow-up questions about it.

Not only are you showing her that you were paying attention during the conversation, you are also showing her that you were so interested in what she told you that you went off to learn more about it.

A woman allows herself to form an emotional connection with you when she feels like she can trust you.

She trusts you when you keep your word.

When you ask her out to a date, keep your word.

When you tell her that you are going to do something for her, keep your word.

When you tell her that she is special, follow that up by making her feel like you are prioritizing her with your time.

She won’t feel special when you cancel on multiple dates or give her the impression that you are a player who is dating a bunch of women on the side and only looking to hook up.

If she feels she can trust you, she lets her guard down.

This is when the emotional connection is formed and as long as you are consistent in your behavior, cemented.


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