How Can You Be More Expressive With Your Girlfriend

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How Can You Be More Expressive With Your Girlfriend

Learn to trust and believe in yourself, and being more expressive with your girlfriend just happens naturally.

The reason why you aren’t expressive has a lot to do with comfort or rather, the lack there of.

A notion that attempting to be more expressive is a risk that exposes you, making you appear weak, sticks in your mind.

That worries you.

You don’t know how to do it, as you have never been expressive in the past.

How do you trust her?

You let go of your inhibitions and understand her as a person.

She has told you stories about herself.

You have probably met her friends and family by now.

What do all those facets of her life tell you about her?

They tell you that she is a unique person who has her loves and dislikes like everyone else.

You trust in that.

You trust that she is what she is and she is sincere.

How do you believe in yourself?

Comprehend why you are here.

What is your purpose?

Do you have one?

Do you aspire to be something or someone greater?

That is you.

This is the person you are.

You have to go to that place that is comfortable with its flaws and say, this is me.

A place that has dreams and aspirations.

This is where I want to go.

By doing this, you bolster your belief system.

When trust and belief has been established, comfort has been established.

You trust her and believe in yourself, open to expressing what you feel, think and experience.

Sharing these emotions with your girlfriend is now a part of who you are.

No further inhibitions.

The key to being more successful at expression is within you.

You just have to use it.

A frequency in using it, betters your relationship.

Your girlfriend looks at you as a boyfriend who is truly genuine and cares, inspiring her to be a better girlfriend to you.

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