How Do I Overcome My Fear Of Texting?

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How Do I Overcome My Fear Of Texting?

Whenever you like a girl, you have a hard time texting her.

The truth is, you are terrified of texting her.

You hesitate, worried of saying something that offends her or boring her.

This has happened to you a good number of times and you have ended up losing the girl’s interest.

Your fear of texting leaves you paralyzed with fear every time you want to send her a text message.

This makes you hold back on texting as much.

Sometimes, you have waited on the girl to text you first before texting her.

This has been a little safer for you, as you let her guide the conversation where she chooses to.

It takes the onus away from you in having to come up with a topic to talk about.

But in these situations, the conversations fizzle out until you are sending each other one-word responses.

Not surprisingly, you don’t text each other again soon afterward.

As it has happened in the past, yet another girl disappears on you, bored with the texting conversation she was having with you and unhappy of having to be the one to initiate the majority of text conversations with you.

This has happened often enough that it has reached critical mass.

You want to overcome this fear of texting.

You don’t want to keep losing out on women who have shown romantic interest in you on account of how fearful you are of texting.

To overcome your fear of texting, you have to stop thinking that you have to write something profound to keep her interest.

You don’t.

When you are texting a girl, adopt the attitude you have when talking to a good friend face to face.

In a scenario where you are talking to a good friend face to face, you are relaxed, not feeling any pressure to say anything profound.

You go with the flow of the conversation and talk extemporaneously.

This is how you should approach texting a girl.

Instead of looking at it as this huge arena where you have to come up with profound topics, look at it as though you are talking to a good friend face to face.

You can make mistakes or go off on a tangent on a particular topic unexpectedly.

That is natural.

That is how human beings talk to each other.

It makes it less intimidating when you are texting her, which makes for a much more fun and free-flowing conversation.

Something else you can do to overcome your fear of texting is to get into the habit of using your voice.

Your voice is then translated into text.

This makes it easier for you to talk extemporaneously without having to move your fingers across the keypad of your phone.

When you aren’t a fluent texter, it is burdensome to use your fingers to write words as your mind tries to make conversation with a girl on the other side.

Taking that burden off your shoulders by using your voice as text, makes it less intimidating to text the girl and this facilitates in having a free-flowing conversation.


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