Texting A Girl Once A Week Seems To Make Her More Excited To Hear From Me

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Texting A Girl Once A Week Seems To Make Her More Excited To Hear From MeIf your intention is ultimately to date this girl on a serious level, you should text her more than once a week.

Even though it seems that she is more excited to hear from you when you text her once a week, that novelty will wear out.

If she truly likes you and wants to date you on a serious level, she will want more.

She will not be satisfied with receiving texts from you only once a week.

The danger of not giving her more may lead her to lose interest and focus her attention on someone else who is willing to text her more often during the week.

In other words, you may be able to get away with this now but eventually it will become a problem.

For now, she may really like you and is willing to handle the fact that you are only texting her once a week.

This is why she gets so excited when she hears from you. However, at some point, she will want you to be more proactive and text her more.

She will get frustrated if you just stick with only texting her once a week as time goes by.

That initial interest that she had in you will more than likely begin to wane at this point.

Listen, most girls love being pursued.

They like the feeling of being chased by a guy that they like.

It makes them feel desired and attractive. However, there comes a point where you do need to move things to the next gear.

They will begin to get bored if there is just too much time between texts or contact.

It can make the girl begin to feel like you are not that interested in her.

Suddenly she doesn’t feel like she is being chased or pursued anymore.

Suddenly she feels like she is an afterthought to you.

She starts believing that she is not your priority or someone that you think about on a regular basis during the week.

If she begins to believe that she is not that important to you, she will become cautious.

She will become afraid to open herself up to you out of fear of being hurt.

She doesn’t want to start committing the majority of her thoughts and feelings to a guy who may only be thinking about her in passing during the course of the week.

She starts to back away at this point.

She may even decide to take a little longer to respond to your latest text.

She just doesn’t want to be drawn into your game only to end up hurt.

Once she gets to this stage in her thinking process, you have lost her.

You may have believed that only sending her a text once a week was working but all of a sudden she is taking days to respond to your last text.

This is when her interest has plummeted and she has decided to move on.

You don’t want her to get to this point.

To avoid this, start texting her more often during the week.

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