Where To Find Conservative, Masculine Men?

Where To Find Conservative, Masculine Men?

In the raucous world we live in, everyone is constantly on the go.

Everyone is rushing somewhere or on their smartphones.

With such a fast-paced lifestyle, we are now slaves to technology.

Everything is so modern, and society has conformed to that impersonal, lightning fast milieu.

In this chaotic mess, you are at a loss for the type of man that was in abundance in a time so long ago.

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The conservative, masculine man.

Where are they?

You don’t see them at your workplace.

All the men are too worried about workplace harassment to start a fun, playful conversation with you.

Ditto at the gym.

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Although you can tell they look at you, too many of the men at the gym are terrified to step up to you and initiate a conversation.

Maybe he is worried you are secretly recording yourself working out, and he is soon to appear in a damning social media video about toxic men that goes viral, were he to approach you.

Men are overthinking everything these days and that has left you wanting for a good old-fashioned conservative and masculine man.

Here’s the good news.

They exist.

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If you live in a large city, venture out of it a few miles.

Conservative men tend to live away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

He commutes in, but would rather live several miles away.

Indeed, lots of these men are already married.

Not all of them though.

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Look for areas with an abundance of apartment complexes rather than homes.

If you don’t mind living or venturing a few miles from the city, in an area that has a large share of apartments, you are bound to run into some of these conservative men as you go to the gym or grocery shop.

Should you be eager to take a bigger leap, move to a rural town or city.

There are lots of families here but there are single conservative men too.

This is a big leap.

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Moving from a city to a rural area is a culture shock.

Be prepared for this so that you don’t cut and run back to the city too prematurely.

Conservative and masculine men abound in rural towns and cities.

No, you won’t see a bunch of them milling about with their heads stuck on their smartphones completely oblivious to their surroundings like you would in the big cities.

People in rural towns and cities have a greater propensity to talk to each other as they go about their daily tasks.

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Imagine that?

People actually talking to each other as opposed to scrolling through Instagram stories on their smartphones.

Men in rural towns and cities have a knack for striking up conversation, as long as your head isn’t stuck on your smartphone.

Unlike a city guy, he is slower in how he goes about courting you.

Cut him some slack, he is conservative.

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Nonetheless, a conservative masculine man has no qualms with asking you out on a date when he has built appropriate rapport with you.

How does a date horseback riding sound?

Now, that is some good old country living.


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