It’s Really Hard For Me To Trust Men?

It's Really Hard For Me To Trust Men?

You’ve had negative experiences with men or witnessed too many instances where men treated their partners badly.

It doesn’t help that you didn’t necessarily grow up around good men either.

You witnessed abuse or negativity of some sort while you were still in your formative years.

That always leaves a lasting impression.

Now that you are an adult, you realize that your love life has been profoundly affected by your lack of trust in men.

You find it hard to get into meaningful relationships.

No matter what, you find yourself always having your guard up when it comes to men.

Yet, you still want a partner.

Companionship is something that you think about often.

Even more so as you have gotten older.

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Under pressure from family, friends or society at large, you have tried to date men but it’s the same outcome every time.

You experience some form of abuse or perhaps even cheating.

You just want to be done with men.

They always disappoint you.

How could you possibly trust men, given everything you have experienced.

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It’s understandable that you find it really hard to trust men.

You are not the only one.

However, you do want a partner.

You often think about what it would be like to have a healthy relationship.

That sense of security of knowing that someone has your back no matter what is something that always crosses your mind whenever you see happy couples walking around.

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You find yourself wondering what that feels like.

Here is the good news.

The fact that you see couples who are seemingly happy walking around lets you know that finding a good man isn’t unheard of.

Take it upon yourself to befriend people who are in healthy loving relationships with men and ask them about how they did it.

What you find is that for a good number of these women, they didn’t find their partner through a route that was their staple.

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After past disappointments, some of them chose to break out of the norm.

They tried something new or different.

For some, it was joining a dating app.

For others, it was putting themselves in environments they were unfamiliar with.

It took time.

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But, as long as they were willing to break the norm and put themselves in unfamiliar territory, they ultimately found the right man for them.

You have nothing to lose by following their example.

Break out of the norm.

Whether you have normally met men through family, friends, social media, etc., do something different.

Good men are often found where there are good causes.

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Have you ever thought about volunteering your time for a good charitable cause?

There are good men there.

Have you ever thought about joining a social group around an interest that you are passionate about?

You are bound to find good men there.

What about taking classes that center on enriching themes whether it be in art or knowledge?

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There are certainly good men there.

There are good men everywhere.

Men you can trust.

A pattern of dating men who have betrayed your trust, points to an underlying cause.

The underlying cause lies in where you meet these men and their personality type.

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Change it up.

You won’t have any trouble finding men you can trust when you get out of your comfort zone and try doing it differently.

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