Why Was He So Upset That I Blocked him?

Why Was He So Upset That I Blocked him?

It was a decisive move that took him by surprise.

Blocking him was unexpected and he wasn’t prepared for it.

Up until that moment, he was used to being in control.

He knew how to talk to you and manipulate you mentally.

You would fall for it repeatedly and this gave him a greater sense of control over your thoughts and emotions.

He was empowered, on a precipice high in the clouds, feeling like a god.

Then the unthinkable happened.

You blocked him.

He was left in complete disarray.

What is happening?

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This isn’t real.

Did she block me?

An endless stream of thoughts flashed through his mind.

He was flabbergasted.

Once the shock receded, it was replaced with anger.

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How dare you block him?

He is the boss.

The one in control.

He has always been the one in control.

This anger is what you saw in the aftermath.

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After you blocked him, you saw his rage explode into the world.

This left you surprised.

You weren’t expecting him to get upset.

Well, you were hoping he would, but you didn’t think he would get this upset.

He is roaring like a lion, expecting you to buckle in fear and abase yourself before him once more.

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He wants you to know who is boss, expecting his anger to instill fear in you.

You mustn’t cave.

That is what he wants.

He wants you to be so intimidated by his anger, you genuflect, ask for his forgiveness, and go back to being his puppet.

A puppet he has had control over for a while and wants to continue controlling.

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You were defiant in blocking him and that rubbed him the wrong way.

You see, he isn’t used to this treatment.

You aren’t the first girl he has exercised his control over.

They never did this.

The girls from his past cowered at his dominance.

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They let him get away with treating them as he pleased, as long as he showed them affection from time to time.

Although, like those girls, you were subservient to his authority, you have now broken free.

That is something he isn’t used to.

He panicked at first, uncertain of what to do, being that no girl had blocked him in the past.

When that confusion turned to anger, he was set on his revenge.

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He would intimidate you with his anger, scaring you into unblocking him, so as to get you back to being subservient to him.

That is what he is attempting to do now.

Don’t fall for it.

The angry barking won’t last long when he realizes that it isn’t having an effect on you.

You haven’t buckled.

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This is exactly what he doesn’t want.

He wants you to cower, quickly unblock him, and beg for his forgiveness.

This puts you right back within his sphere of control, which is the last place you want to be.

Ignore his anger.

He is only trying to intimidate you.

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It will wear off the moment he realizes that his control over you has disappeared.

This is where you show your independence by keeping him blocked and moving forward with your life.

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