Why Does He Like To Control Me?

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Why Does He Like To Control Me?

He may feel as though he has no control over anything else in life.

If he feels this way, he may like controlling you because you allow him to feel a sense of power.

A guy like this is often quite insecure within.

He feels like he has to have some control over someone in order to feel as though he has value.

A guy like this may also be unwilling to accept the idea that he has to be his own person to assume any real sense of self-worth.

When a guy lacks control in his life in other areas, he may be that much more willing to make you his path to any form of control.

Instead, he tends to believe that he has to have someone else under his control in order for him to have any kind of self-worth.

Perhaps this guy has been constantly bullied in life or he has always been treated as though he wasn’t worth much by his family or people in general.

He may not have the respect of his peers.

He may have failed at just about everything he has tried in life.

He may not be able to keep a job.

He may have dropped out of high school.

He may have failed in his financial life and is in serious debt.

He may have even failed in past romantic relationships.

He just has nothing to look to that can make him feel proud of himself.

There is just nothing to make him feel like he has done something worthwhile with his life.

This kind of experience can make him feel a very strong sense of powerlessness.

When he controls you, he feels a sense of power that he just doesn’t get in his daily life.

If you allow him to keep doing it, he becomes that much more emboldened.

Even though he has failed in so many areas in life and has felt powerlessness, he has full control of you and that makes him feel more alive.

He feels that sense of power that tends to elude him in life.

The more he does it, the more addicted he becomes to it.

Another reason why a guy may like controlling you is if he feels like he has to get back at someone.

He may have had a controlling girlfriend in the past that had her way with him.

He may have been in love with her and she took advantage of that love.

She may have left him bitter and heartbroken.

Determined to never allow himself to be that vulnerable again, he decides that he will be controlling in his next relationship.

He is going to show his next partner that he is boss.

He is going to make her feel just as bad as he did when he was being controlled by a prior girlfriend.

He will get back at his ex in this way. By so doing, he will also guard his heart.

Indeed, controlling you may also be a way by which he safeguards his emotions and feelings.

He knows that as long as he is in control of you, he can keep his emotions in check.

He won’t fall in love so quickly or give in to his passions.

He will maintain control and keep himself from heartbreak.

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  1. This is unfourtune that a person takes the pain and transforming it to a new relationship .. I’ve been there as a matter of fact I’m still not sure how I’m going to over come this i believe that my previous relationship was taken over by a narsassitic being that had no self control at all and lack of empathy and remorse Wasn’t even a tad there… I will work on me and try to make my self step g and independt again as he found me…. I will not allow my self to be savagley devoured to a beast of such any longer … Loving someone who’s not capable of returning the same emotions…

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