Would A Guy Date A Single Mother?

Would A Guy Date A Single Mother?

A guy looking to hook up or get into a short-term relationship would date a single mother, as long as he finds her attractive.

He isn’t thinking about longevity, he wants to have fun.

A guy looking for a serious relationship is cautious of dating a single mother, but is open to her, depending on his circumstances.

Most young adults who are looking to date someone for the long term and get married one day would rather do it with someone who doesn’t have kids, that goes for both men and women.

A single mother is someone who already has kids, leaving a guy who is ready to date for the long term and settle down at odds.

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His preference is to date a woman who isn’t yet a mother.

Nevertheless, there are extenuating circumstances.

For one, he could be having trouble finding women who aren’t mothers that are ready to settle down.

He has dated a good number of these women and they are either too caught up on their careers or want to keep up the party life.

None of them seem to be ready to settle down.

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This is when he takes a closer look at single mothers.

In the past, he would date them, but casually.

As long as she was attractive, he didn’t mind getting into short-term relationships to assuage his desire to hook up or have someone around.

He never looked at any of the single mothers he dated in the past as long-term dating prospects.

Now he is.

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Being that he is having a hard time landing a woman who doesn’t have kids that is ready to date for the long term, he considers what it would be like to commit to a single mother for the long term.

As a single mother who is looking for a long-term relationship and not a hookup, you have to be cognizant of the guy you look to date.

Many guys will date you to get regular sex, but have no interest in having a long-term relationship.

Learn how to spot these men.

Otherwise, you are going to be in a cycle of repeatedly getting dumped after short-lived relationships, leaving you heartbroken.

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A guy who isn’t in a hurry to sleep with you, is a good candidate for a long-term relationship.

Not only is he taking the time to get to know you as a person, he constantly asks about your kids, showing a keen interest in learning more about them.

A guy this patient, demonstrating a great amount of interest in learning about your character, and showing an openness to learning about your kids, is who you want to be dating.

Your character and trustworthiness takes precedence over a desire to sleep with you.

Men like this are normally older, late twenties and up.

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Although there are younger men who are like this, the majority want to date a single mother for hookups and short-term relationships.

Knowing what to look for gives you the upper hand.

The right guy isn’t in a hurry to have sex with you.

Patience in learning more about you and your kids is a constant.

Character and trustworthiness mean the world to him.

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This is who you should be dating.

Never let loneliness or desperation get the better of you, forcing you to date whoever gives you attention.

Single mother or not, you are worthy of love and long-term commitment.


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