What’s The Difference Between “Being In A Relationship” And “Seeing Each Other?”

Normally, “being in a relationship” is more solid, as the parties involved are serious about the relationship, and are dating each other exclusively.

What's The Difference Between "Being In A Relationship" And "Seeing Each Other?"They are not dating anyone else, having decided to focus on each other by putting out an effort to make the relationship work.

“Being in a relationship” equates to being in the boyfriend and girlfriend territory.

People who consider themselves to be in a relationship with someone look at that other person as their boyfriend or girlfriend.

This is the person that they want to perform activities with on a regular basis.

Sharing intimate details about their lives is a staple, which leads to a greater connection with the person based on how much they know about them.

They are open to tolerating the person’s shortcomings, having had the opportunity to learn about this person’s good characteristics beforehand.

This makes them forgiving of the person’s mistakes.

This is how people who believe that they are in a relationship think.

They are thinking about their relationship as a long-term prospect with this one individual as opposed to something more casual or short-term.

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They are already in love.

“Seeing each other” is typically two people testing the waters.

They believe that there is relationship potential but aren’t totally devoted to each other.

That is to say, they are seeing each other but also seeing other people.

The true foundation of a relationship hasn’t been set.

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They are in the beginning stages.

At this stage, they continue to see other people simultaneously, until a pairing takes hold and commitment ensues.

At this stage, they decide that it is best to see each other exclusively, but there is an opening to get out if either person believes the chemistry is no longer there.

“Seeing each other” is the precursor to a possible serious relationship.

This is where the parties test each other.

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This is where the parties play games with each other to see who sticks around or who runs away.

They want to get a true idea of just how much they connect.

As a consequence, they decide to take it slow for now, wanting to learn more about the other but not commit too quickly.

This is where they get a substantial idea of what this person’s life is like and who they know.

They want to bring those people around each other to determine whether there is chemistry.

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This is not solely a period where they are testing their chemistry with this person, but a period they are testing the chemistry of their separate group of friends and how they get along.

In the end, this stage either progresses to that of “being in a relationship” or it doesn’t.

It depends on how intent they are about taking this stage seriously and how eager they are to get to know the other person better.

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