How Do I Get With A Guy From A Band?

How Do I Get With A Guy From A Band?

He is a guy from a band.

Instantly, you must realize that you are not the only girl who likes him and wants to get with him.

So, you have competition.

But this is fine.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t get with him.

A guy from a band who doesn’t have a girlfriend or wife is generally more prone to getting with girls who are active within his fan circle.

These are girls who follow the band religiously and promote them whenever they are playing somewhere, whether it be through her social media or friends and family.

She does what she can to help the band get more exposure.

This makes her invaluable to guys in the band and they become aware of her.

It isn’t enough to go to his shows and flash cleavage at him in the front rows.

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Lots of girls do that.

And yes, sometimes they get lucky and he gets with them backstage, in his trailer, or his hotel room.

But, you have a better chance of getting with him when you are actively helping the band to get more exposure and notoriety.

Become more than just a lovestruck, googly-eyed fan, as you watch your favorite band member performing on stage.

Take an active role in helping the band succeed.

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Use your social media to promote them, letting your followers know about their show dates and giving them greater insight into the origins of the band and what their mission is.

Talk to your friends and family and spread the word about the band, encouraging them to use their social medias to promote the band.

Word gets around.

Seeing several social media accounts touting their band, using you as a reference, makes you look incredibly good to members of the band, and the guy you like in question.

Not only are you using your social media to promote them, you are getting your friends and family to do the same thing, while referencing you as the person that got them hooked on this amazing band.

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Take an even bigger step by organizing an official fan base for this band.

This enables you to have greater influence beyond your social media, family and friends.

In organizing a fan base for the band and building it up, you are doing so much for the band.

Once they get wind of what you are doing in building up their fan base, you are going to get calls from them, or their agent.

You will receive invites to their shows to meet them in person before a show or go backstage after a show.

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Given that the band knows that you have organized a thriving fan base in their honor, they would have already been talking about you amongst themselves, and by the time they meet you, they are inspired to get to know you.

This is when you have the greatest exposure to the band on a personal level.

All the work you have done on their behalf has already established a rapport before meeting them, making you so much more than just another lovestruck, googly-eyed fan.

From here, turn on the charm as you talk to this guy.

Talk about his interests and show enthusiasm.

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The more shows they invite you to, the more likely they will want to hang out with you after the show and not just backstage.

They want you to tag along to a local bar or to their hotel and hang out.

He gets to know you as a person more and more.

Eventually, if there is a romantic spark, you have a shot at getting with him.

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