I Don’t Think I Can Ever Trust Guys When It Comes To Dating

You have had a bad experience with a guy that has led you to believe that you can never trust guys.

I Don't Think I Can Ever Trust Guys When It Comes To DatingThere has to be some accountability on your part too.

When you date the same archetype of a guy from your social circles, the same result is guaranteed.

As human beings, we stubbornly stick to what we are used to.

But we don’t have to.

You don’t have to keep dating that jerk who has anger issues or that player who isn’t faithful.

The misery you know doesn’t have to be the misery you keep.

Take responsibility for your choices in men.

Break out of the norm of who you date.

Expand your circle of friends and meet new people who have varying interests.

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Frequent social locations other than the ones you are used to.

Expand your horizon of interests and take up new hobbies or passions.

Doing all this exposes you to a whole new caliber of men.

Yes, these men are out of your comfort zone, but this is the point.

You need to get out of your comfort zone.

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This is how you break through.

Take risks in your dating life and broaden the criteria of men that you date.

Instead of labeling men as unworthy of trust, branch out and meet men who are outside of your social sphere of influence.

Check your attitude too.

A negative, distrustful attitude towards men is unattractive.

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Living your life with this ideology brings the wrong men into your life.

These are the men who are attracted to the negativity you exude, as they are negative men themselves.

Misery attracts misery.

Your daily life is a self-fulfilling testament to this negative ideology, as you attract the wrong men wherever you go.

The good men, yes, they do exist, avoid you.

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Your negativity stinks from the distance.

Before you have walked into a room, they perceive it and instantly mark you as someone to avoid.

When the men who approach you are strictly those attracted to the negativity you exude, your ideology is a self-fulfilling prophecy that keeps on giving.

Something else you need to comprehend is the effect of timing.

Two people who otherwise are a match, sometimes meet at the wrong period in their lives.

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Events or circumstances in one party’s life is so consuming, the prospect of building a long-lasting relationship is out of the question.

Initially, they thought it was doable, but life has happened to such a profound effect that they are unable to cope.

Unfortunately, you, someone ready for a long-lasting serious relationship with this person, is caught in the middle.

Months of emotional investment is lost when this person finally admits they are not at a place in life to pursue a serious commitment.

Poor timing.

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It had nothing to do with men being untrustworthy and everything to do with timing.

Maintain a positive attitude and keep your eye open for men who are showing interest.

Yes, that means you make eye contact with guys in public and smile.

With a positive attitude and the right timing, a good man you can trust is in your future.

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