I Don’t Think I Can Ever Trust Guys

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I Don't Think I Can Ever Trust Guys

You may have had a very bad experience with a guy that has led you to believe that you can never trust guys.

However, you do need to understand that there has got to be some accountability on your part as well.

Accountability is crucial.

If you tend to date the same kind of guy or put yourself around the same kind of guy in your social circles, you will more than likely keep getting the same kind of result.

Be honest with yourself and consider this.

Do you tend to date a particular kind of guy or type?

Are you always dating guys within a particular social circle?

If you keep doing this and getting the same result, why not try something new?

You can’t paint a broad stroke about all guys and say that you can never trust them.

You have to take responsibility for your own choices in men and understand that these choices may have a lot to do with what you have been experiencing.

Try doing this.

Try breaking out of the norm. Get out of the norm of what you tend to date.

Expand your circle of friends and start meeting new people who have varying interests.

Start frequenting a different social location than the one you typically go to.

Expand your horizon of interests and start taking up new hobbies or passions.

You will find that when you do this, you will begin to meet a whole new caliber of men.

You will meet the kind of men that you aren’t used to.

Yes, this may make you uneasy at first but you have to put yourself out there and in situations that aren’t in your comfort zone.

This is how you start breaking through.

You will have to start taking real risks in your dating life and broaden the criteria of men that you tend to date.

You should do this first before allowing yourself to put all guys in the category of distrust.

When you put all guys in the category of distrust, it can put you in a very negative frame of mind.

When a guy who is interested in you senses that you distrust men in general, it would be very hard for them to approach you and interact.

This guy may be the right one for you.

However, you lose out on the opportunity because your demeanor is so negative.

Something else that you have to understand is that so much of what we experience in this game of love is all about timing.

You may have been very unlucky in timing.

There are people who may have been right for each other if they had only met a month later or a month before.

There are often circumstances in one’s life that may make it difficult for a relationship to work when the timing is poor.

You should understand that if you were to meet a guy in the right circumstances and at the right time, all could bode well.

However, you only have this opportunity when you have a positive attitude and keep an eye out for opportunities that may come your way.

This way, you can also be prepared for when that right guy comes along.

This would also enable you to put yourself in situations where you would have the best opportunity to meet a guy that you can trust due to having the right attitude.

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