Why, At This Stage In My Life, Have I Stopped Caring About Finding Love?

Why, At This Stage In My Life, Have I Stopped Caring About Finding Love?

At this point, it feels like you have been on earth for just as long as the earth has existed and have done so without love.

Wherever there appeared to be something like love in relationships you have had in the past, it never lasted.

In fact, those brief moments where you thought you had found love have left you feeling that what you experienced wasn’t love at all.

What followed was a steely resolve to keep from setting yourself up only to crash and burn like all the other moments or relationships where you thought you were in love.

That steely resolve meant you were reluctant to open yourself up.

The ride was all you were signing up for.

Surely, this new adventure with this new guy was doomed to go nowhere.

Why allow yourself to give in to love, only to be cruelly hurt in the end?

Better to steel your heart and just go for the ride until it comes to an end.

In this vain, there are no hurt feelings or shattered hopes.

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Looking back on your last relationship or the last few, there was an absence of love.

There was just existence.

Now, you are older.

As old as the earth it feels like.

Caring about finding love feels as ancient as your teenage years.

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Many people who stop caring about finding love have reached a point where a litany of past hurt in relationships has left them jaded.

Sometimes, unaware, until they reach a point of self-analysis, they come to discover their reluctance to open up to love in their most recent relationships.

Believing that doing so would only open them up to even more emotional pain and disappointment, they make themselves as emotionally unavailable as possible.

Before they put themselves in a position where they fall in love with a guy, he has to move heaven and earth, showing his true worthiness.

But, all they have done is self-sabotage the relationship.

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Most guys aren’t going to put themselves through the emotional turmoil of constantly having to prove their love.

It reaches a point where they become mentally and emotionally exhausted, ditching the relationship in frustration.

Now, you are alone again but not in pieces.

He never got you to fall in love with him.

You made sure of that.

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This self-sabotaging behavior persists from one relationship to the next until you reach the point of where you are today.

Having the notion you have stopped caring about finding love.

Have you really?

When you look back on your most recent relationships, were you truly emotionally available to those men or were you emotionally closed off?

As human beings, the older we get, the more set in our ways we become.

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To experience something as beautiful as love, becoming vulnerable is necessary.

Nothing worthwhile comes without risk.

Every human being who has fallen in love has taken a risk in making themselves vulnerable.

They decided to open their hearts and minds to someone and become as invested in that person’s happiness as they are their own.

These rules never change when it comes to love.

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No one is exempt from it.

You need to ask yourself about what matters more to you, finding love or protecting yourself emotionally.

Knowing the answer to that question lets you know whether not caring about finding love is coming from a sincere place or whether it is coming from the fear of failure.

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