Is It A Red Flag To A Man When You Are Very Attractive And Haven’t Dated At All?

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Is It A Red Flag To A Man When You Are Very Attractive And Haven't Dated At All?

It isn’t a red flag.

You are very attractive and that is what he is primarily concerned with.

At least, in the early stages of courting you.

He doesn’t know that you haven’t dated at all.

As long as you aren’t shouting it out loud to the rooftops.

No need to do that.

Just let him court you and get to learn about who you are as a person in conjunction with his love of your beauty.

Although the fact that you have never dated makes you feel inadequate, don’t let that affect you to such an extent that it negatively influences your interactions with this guy.

Remember, he doesn’t know that you haven’t dated at all.

All he knows is that you are a very attractive person that he is getting to know as he courts you.

That’s it.

Let him get to know you that way.

When you get too stuck on never having dated, it causes you to second-guess yourself and second-guess him.

This insecurity makes you question whether you are worthy of his attention, which then leads to you believing that he wouldn’t like you once he discovers that you have never dated.

This is where you are tempted to self-sabotage everything, and it is manifested in how you talk to him.

Instead of expanding on a question he asked you, you say very little in response.

On top of that, you aren’t asking him questions in return or barely.

Then, you start flaking on dates because you are so worried that you would embarrass yourself.

You keep cancelling and rescheduling dates until the guy gets fed up and stops asking you out on dates altogether.

The second-guessing and what follows in how you behave is the red flag.

Note, the red flag is not that you are a very attractive person who hasn’t dated at all, it is that your behavior has been negatively influenced by this and he is feeling the brunt of it.

Never let your insecurities about never having dated affect how you go about talking to a guy in the early stages of courtship.

Just be yourself.

Forget about your lack of experience in dating.

Keep your attention on the topics that are discussed, showcasing your amazing personality while doing so.

Listen, if he asks you out on a date, there is a very good chance that he is going to be just as nervous as you are, or close.

Whether he has been on hundreds of dates or a handful, he is still most likely going to be nervous on the first date.

It’s human nature.

When we are meeting someone we are romantically interested in on a first date, we tend to have nerves, as we worry about the date.

So, you two are going to be nervous.

You would have this in common with him.

This means that neither one of you is going to be perfect on that first date.

This is good.

It lessens the pressure to be perfect on both parties.

Once the date draws to a close, you two are going to be a lot more comfortable with each other.

This is natural, as long as conversation flowed with relative ease as the date wore on.

At this conclusion, you are no longer inexperienced in dating.

You have actually gone out on and completed a date.

From here, your confidence in each consequent date rises.

All it took was getting the first date out of the way.

The good news doesn’t stop here.

As long as you two keep getting along and have chemistry, you may end up with your very first boyfriend.


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