Is It Normal For Guys To Be Close Friends With Their Ex?

It is not uncommon for guys to remain close friends with an ex, especially when they shared a friendship with said ex before they dated.

Is It Normal For Guys To Be Close Friends With Their Ex?A strong friendship withstands many breakups.

In other circumstances, relationships don’t end decisively.

Issues that were never resolved persist.

The parties care for one another and as there was no solid conclusion to their relationship, they remain connected.

This is a tricky area, as it signifies that neither of them has moved on.

Without a conclusive ending to their relationship, these exes maintain unresolved feelings for each other.

As human beings, once we have a mental and physical connection to someone, it is hard to abandon it.

This is why exes get back together.

With questions unanswered, the two maintain a friendship, not certain about what happens in the future.

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As long as a friendship is fostered, there is a risk that someone caves and a romantic relationship reestablishes, despite dating new people in their lives.

Fear, is another reason why some guys maintain close friendships with their ex.

It’s the fear of letting go.

This person has been their figurative comfort blanket for the duration of their relationship, having shared so much with each other, emotionally and physically.

It is frightening for him to consider a life without that person in it.

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Out of fear of the unknown, he hangs on to this past ex.

He talks to them on the phone or social media, maintaining that connection.

It’s akin to a child who is going to school for the first time.

For the first time, this child is leaving home and going to be around other strange kids their age.

The child is fearful and doesn’t want to leave the nest, clinging to their parents for dear life.

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These exes are fearful of leaving the nest of safety that they once had with each other and fearful of having to enter that new world that is filled with new strangers.

Having to grapple with new strangers that are future lovers is scary.

Out of fear, he hangs on to that ex in friendship, not wanting to lose that perception of a connection that he has with someone he is familiar with and has had an intimate history with.

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