Is It Normal For Guys To Be Close Friends With Their Ex?

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Is It Normal For Guys To Be Close Friends With Their Ex?

It is.

It also really depends on the type of relationship that the guy had with his ex.

Oftentimes, if they were friends before they actually got into a relationship, the chances are more likely that they will stay friends after the break up.

Hence, as a result, you have a guy who remains close friends with his ex.

This is one scenario.

The other may be a little tricky.

Sometimes, relationships simply don’t end decisively.

There are still issues that were never resolved.

Both parties may still care for one another and because there was no solid conclusion to their relationship, they remain connected.

This is a tricky area because this typically means that neither of them have actually moved on.

If they never ended their previous relationship conclusively, they may feel like there is still something to their relationship even though they are no longer dating.

As human beings, once we have a mental and physical connection to someone, it can be really hard to abandon it.

This is why oftentimes you will see ex’s get back together again and again and again.

This may be what this guy is experiencing.

He may be maintaining a close friendship with his ex because they simply never concluded their relationship the right way and there are still questions left unanswered.

Also, another scenario may also be that of fear.

Fear is a very powerful emotion.

The kind of fear I am talking about is the fear to let go.

There are many couples who break up and stay close friends out of fear.

They simply don’t know how to let go of this person that they shared so much with in the past.

Even if their past relationship with this person may not have been the best, this is still someone that they shared a lot of physical and emotional intimacy with.

Hence, it is frightening for them to consider a life without that person in it.

Out of fear of the unknown, they hang on to this past ex.

They talk to them on the phone or social media.

They try to maintain that connection.

As I mentioned earlier, fear is very powerful.

Think about this situation as you would a child who is going to school for the first time.

For the first time, that child is leaving home and going to be around other strange kids their age.

They are fearful.

They don’t want to leave the nest.

It is almost the same thing here.

These ex’s are fearful of leaving the nest of safety that they once had with each other.

They are fearful of having to enter that new world that is filled with new strangers.

Having to deal with new strangers that may become future lovers can be scary.

Hence, out of fear, they hang on to that ex in friendship because they don’t want to lose that sense of connection that they have with someone that they are familiar with.

These are all reasons why a guy may maintain a close friendship with an ex.

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