At What Age Do Men Start Thinking About Marriage And Commitment?

At What Age Do Men Start Thinking About Marriage And Commitment?

Men think about marriage and commitment when they are in their mid to late twenties.

There are a number of reasons why this is customarily the age range.

For one, men tend to be more uncertain of what they want when they are younger and fearful of missing out.

They aren’t serious about committing to anything long term, worried they wouldn’t have lived enough life if they commit to a relationship too soon.

When men are younger, they move from relationship to relationship or hook up.

At this stage in their lives, they want to experience as much as life has to offer as possible.

They are not of the mindset this period will end soon.

They want to live for today and not think too hard about tomorrow.

When men are younger, they are more concerned about solidifying their social relationships than solidifying a romantic relationship.

In their late teens to early twenties is often a time when they are just beginning to experience the world through adult lenses.

They get to experience this world through the prism of their social relationships.

At this stage, these men build stronger bonds in their friendships, having a common experience.

Some are experiencing what it is like to be away from the safety net of home and their parents for the first time by attending college.

They are having this experience together.

This creates a shared experience that bonds them together with their buddies.

Some are just beginning their professional careers.

Again, they get to have this shared experience with their fellow friends.

There is a lot going on in their lives at this age range.

There is a lot of transition.

During this process, they focus on the support they get from each other and how each of them is doing.

There isn’t too much room to think about being committed or getting married.

These transitions that are going on are taking a lot of the focus away from that.

Also, when these men are younger, there is this concept that time has no bounds.

There is something about youth that makes many who are young believe that such youth lasts forever.

At this stage in their lives, these men don’t think about aging.

They don’t consider that one day they will be older, slower, and less attractive than they are now.

There is a perception that their youth is forever and they avoid thoughts about what it would be like to age.

This tends to change as men reach their mid to late twenties.

At this stage, the age of thirty is coming around the corner and they are realizing they aren’t immortal.

They have matured in a mental and physical sense.

This is when they begin to think about their legacy.

This is when they are more likely to think about marriage and commitment.


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